Don’t save for retirement? Eat less in retirement‼️

The following is from a new study based on surveys, data collection and theory that says in retirement people eat less, including less protein. How they figure all that out I have no idea, but you have been warned . . .

save for retirement so you can keeping eating like you are still working 🍎🥕🥯🌽🍔🥩🍕🥗🧁

One comment

  1. Not a good diet plan, but I too would answer that survey that I eat less now. Not because I can’t afford to eat but because the first six months into retirement I ate too much. My wife and I were able to go out and eat and drink as much as we wanted because I didn’t have to be at work the next morning. Once we got it out of our system, we started eating right and reasonable and even lost some weight to avoid buying bigger clothes. So the survey says, yes we eat less now.

    Truth be told, I know that I ate too much and of the wrong foods when I worked. Now it is just easier to eat right being retired than working shift work and there are no excuses not to eat right. One day as I grow older, I am sure for medical reasons, I won’t be able to eat this or that and that will add into the survey.


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