Anarchic progressives

“anarchic progressives“ Maureen Dowd used these words in a recent NYTs op-Ed. How appropriate indeed.

Progressives are tripping over themselves with obnoxiously pandering promises with no or poorly defined costs and how to pay for them and certainly ignoring likely consequences.

Of course, in the heat of political battle there is no attempt at coordination, just make promises to those you want to vote for you even knowing full well you can’t fulfill the promises. (not unique to progressives by the way)

And while you’re at it, keep the caldron boiling over with heavy use of “fair share, rigged system, inequality, you deserve and you have a right to” but by all means never, ever mention personal responsibility, accountability or life choices.

If you are a extreme progressive you need a country of grasshoppers because you are far less appealing to ants.

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