How are retirees doin🧐?

There is a lot of doom and gloom out there. One could easily conclude that retirement in America is a pretty miserable state. On the other hand, most retirees are doing pretty well. And those that planned for the future even better.

Consider this information from Fidelity Services that administers many employer retirement programs. Their data show:

85% of retirees say it’s the most rewarding time of life

82% feel they retired at the right time

80% say it’s easier to live in retirement than they thought

67% retired before age 65

On the other hand

Those with less than $250,000 saved are 4x more likely to feel stressed and say it’s harder to live comfortably

33% wish they had started saving earlier and 36% which they saved more

There may be a 🌈 at the end, but it still takes planning and sacrifice to reach it.


  1. Before I early retired with a modest nest egg, I made sure I was totally out of debt, including my house and car. Here I am 12 years later with no financial stress because my nest egg has continued to grow every year.


  2. I’d be pretty darn stressed if I have less than 250K when I retire. I think I had that much when I was in my early 40’s. I have about 8 – 10 years to go before I pull the plug, my savings are significantly more – and I am still stressed!


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