Health care and politics 🤔 how can this be?

What’s not to like? The promise is no cost to you unlimited health care, dental care, vision care and long-term care (which under standard coverage includes in-home and nursing home care). No interference between you and your doctor, access to care anywhere.

And all this with no premiums, no taxes you pay … and if you are now on Medicare, you get a windfall of thousands of dollars a year, you pay for nothing. What’s not to like?

You would think every American, 100% of all Americans would support M4A. In fact, support is divided by politics.

Large majorities of Democrats support both a public option (88%) and Medicare-for-all (77%), and while most Republicans oppose both approaches to expanding coverage, more favor the public option proposal (41%) than a Medicare-for-all plan (27%). KHN Tracking poll

Do you see something wrong with this picture? Everyone gets the same generous benefits, but Democrat’s favor it nearly three times more than Republicans.

The people in one party must be very naive and the other just stupid.


  1. In the last few days there have been news reports out of Great Britain of the ongoing Brexit and a future US-UK trade deal. Part of that has been rumors of the NHS selling off parts to American companies and raising prices for US drugs being used in the UK. Right now it is reading as infighting British politics but if the NHS is so great, then why is this even a topic over there? I guess they are not happy with their healthcare or costs either.


  2. OR, stated another way, some folks want someone else to pay for what they consume, and some folks know they are already paying for everything everyone consumes.

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