An all out attack on Social Security❓

Not exactly.

Whomever came up with the defer FICA taxes idea should be fired. Not just because it’s a dumb idea, but also because it was one of the worst strategic political blunders in a long time. Of course, Trump promoting it hasn’t helped.

The anti-Trump press and pundits have coalesced around the issue playing the destroy Social Security song endlessly.

Sadly, it serves no purpose other than scaring seniors in a quest for their vote. No Congress is going to pass and no president is going to sign legislation ending Social Security.


  1. The ugly truth is… for many years [long before Trump] news programs and internet forms have been filled with people who attack SS as “welfare” and seek to end it. And most of those people I’ve seen identify with Republicans.


  2. Seriously? I get that no previous president would have, but Trump has no sense or knowledge of history, of right from wrong; he has no concern other than stoking his ego by acquiring the approval of 26% of the American people and declaring it a mandate. He would sign ANYTHING that some Fox “News” commentator endorsed.


    1. To have something to sign, legislation first has to pass both houses of Congress. Do you seriously think both houses will pass a law to eliminate SS? Seriously?


    2. Thank you Ted – as a Political Science major and a student of history and politics, perhaps even a Trumpist would understand this simple statement of fact: Russia has been a sworn enemy of the United States since the end of World War II. Vladimir Putin wants Trump to be president: therefore, you should not want Trump to be president.


    1. It is hard to have a respectful argument here when the anti Trump hatred is clouding reality. Democrats have tried “firing” Trump before he was sworn in and still have not stopped. But what does that have to do with Social Security? It is Congress’s fault for failing to deal with Social Security since the last major fix in the 1980s. The Democrats and some Republicans keep promising more and expanded unfunded benefits for decades. SocialSecurityWorks has been been putting out false information that is so easy to verify as wrong but people keep believing them. It was President Clinton who signed the 1993 Amendments to Social Security that allowed 85% of the benefit to be taxed. Maybe if you didn’t tax the benefit, there would not be a need for large COLA’s. But it is only republicans and Trump who are trying to destroy social security? I think not. It is Congress’s fault. Trump has only signed 8 veto during his term. This is more of a sign of a do nothing Congress not giving the president any bills to sign or veto compared to other presidents.

      I read this blog to learn about benefits and upcoming legislation. Not political hatred. Sorry for my rant. If and when Congress ever gets around to passing anything and if when a sitting president, whom every that might be, sign said legislation, then I’ll pass judgement on them.

      The last changes to Social Security happen in 2000. So there have been both a republican and democrat presidents that have done NOTHING along with a do nothing CONGRESS all during that time. I fail has any of this is Trump’s fault and I have yet to hear the words coming out of his mouth the he was to end social security.


      1. It’s not anti-Trump hatred, Dwayne, just cold hard facts:
        “But beyond the low unemployment rate he gained and lost, history will record Mr. Trump’s presidency as a march of wanton, uninterrupted, tragic destruction. America’s standing in the world, loyalty to allies, commitment to democratic values, constitutional checks and balances, faith in reason and science, concern for Earth’s health, respect for public service, belief in civility and honest debate, beacon to refugees in need, aspirations to equality and diversity and basic decency — Mr. Trump torched them all.”
        Russia has been a sworn enemy of the United States since the end of World War II. Vladimir Putin wants Trump to be president for reasons hidden in Trump’s tax returns and financial statements. Trump has been a Putin puppet on the world stage for four years. Do you side with Russia, Dwayne? Really?


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