Trump’s Health Plan – no plan

I’m beginning to think there is no politician in the USA that understands health care.

The Republican opposition to Obamacare is irrational. The promises of Obamacare were never realized.

It’s been twenty-seven years since the aborted Clinton effort at health care reform.

Here we are, twenty years into the 21st century still with no reasonable way to assure health care coverage to every American, still looking to assign blame in the wrong places and still not understanding the cost of health care is driven not by premiums, but by the use and cost of the health care we receive and demand.

President Trump released his “America First Healthcare Plan” on Thursday; it consisted of an executive order promising to protect Americans with pre-existing conditions, though without specifics, and directing his administration to take steps against surprise billing and toward greater hospital price transparency. Trump also announced a plan to send 33 million Medicare beneficiaries a $200 gift card for prescription drugs.  Source: Trump’s Health Plan; Hahn Vows to Resist Politics; Hey, Why No Free COVID Shot? | MedPage Today


  1. …and the term “free” is a contradiction in it’s own right. “Paid for by others” is perhaps more accurate. I’ve witnessed that the larger the group of pooled risk, the greater the propensity to abuse a system. This will lead to rationing of some sort, whether through long wait times, delay in approval of services or through other means. Richard, you rail against the mismanagement of Social Security but believe that the same government will rise to better management with grater control of health care. I don’t see it.

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    1. “Paid for by others”
      Paid for by no one, our government is running a 26+ trillion dollar debt bomb, when we go to M4A system how much of the cost of healthcare will be just added to the national debt, because after all healthcare is a right and should be free. American’s go to the doctor every day to get a magic pill to correct health issues that could be treated with a proper diet, but that will not make the medical industrial complex any money. A high sugar diet is slowly making us sick and it is pushed by the government and the food processing companies, We are told that real food is bad. Bacon, eggs, butter, cheese ,fish, beef, chicken, fruits and vegetables, because of their carbon footprint. I stay away from almost processed foods. When My 90 year old mother makes chocolate chip cookies from scratch, if they are left out of the frig they go bad in about a week. What is keeping the chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies to last over a year on the shelf and what is it doing to our bodies?? Fat does not make you fat, excess sugar makes you fat, because insulin converts excess sugar to fat for storage. High carb diets never let your body go into fat burning mode and keep you fat. Look at all the crap low fat products in our grocery stores, it makes plenty of money for the big food companies, but does not help anyone lose fat. I have found the KETO diet is the best weight loss tool that I have ever used.

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  2. There are millions of Americans that do not understand the term “insurance”. For some reason they have a slight clue of how insurance works when it comes to car insurance but when it comes to life, home, flood, fire, or health they just do not get that it is really all the same. Costs are spread out among a risk pool. Control the risk, you control the costs. As the value of goods and services go up, the payout must go up, thus the cost will also go up.
    But somehow, people do not think in these terms about health insurance. They think that healthcare should be free. Did that idea start with Medicare decades ago? Who knows?

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