Halloween 💲💲💲💲💲

You’ve heard the reports; Americans can’t come up with $400 in an emergency, 50% of Americans age 55+ will end up in poverty in retirement, and on and on.

Doesn’t it make you wonder how many of these folks can spend over $9 billion on Halloween, including $2.7 billion on decorations … oh yes, twenty-nine million will dress their pets in costume.

Those inflatable lawn “decorations “ are expensive. The most popular average about $100, some cost several hundred dollars.

Oh well,

Happy Halloween 🎃 stay safe


  1. I for one have never liked Halloween…and now with this pandemic going on..i cannot believe that people will actually go out to events or take their children trick or treating….I for one feel Halloween should be banned as a holiday..its not really an important day anyway…people really should be more careful these days…but alot of people aren’t…they still think that they shouldnt wear masks..or take better precautions..


  2. I read something in the last week or two that countered this argument. The best that I could Google this morning is from 2019 and that was that 25% of Americans have no savings for retirement, as in nothing. So that means that 75% of Americans do having something saved and I am betting that something is more $400. Now IRAs and 401Ks should not be counted on for a daily emergency fund, but it could be used as such. Also, if these people have managed to save for retirement, I am sure that they have $400 laying around that could be used for an emergency. I am betting these people just don’t have it labelled as an emergency fund. Maybe it is for Friday night’s dinner out or that Halloween decoration.

    I do believe that there are people who could not rub to quarters together if they had to eat but 50% of the population I believe is BS.

    I also don’t believe that 75% actually saved money for retirement in an actual retirement account or vehicle such as a 401K or IRA. I think that number is too high. I think it comes down to who is doing the survey and what are they selling or promising.


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