Going electric ? Practical for most? 👎

If our grand plans for improving the climate include widespread use of electric vehicles, we have a long way to go to reach practicality.

Unless you are spending $70,000 plus, you aren’t going far on a charge, but even then a road trip will require long recharging stops. EVs may be grand for short commutes when you can plug it in overnight to charge, but that’s about it these days.

Electric vehicles have limited range, they take hours to recharge and unless you can wait many hours charging at 110 volt, it will cost upward of $3,000 to install 220 volt unit at your house…assuming you have the ability to do that.

EVs are not yet ready for the American open road or vacations
The more expensive the vehicle the longer the range
Charging times at different voltage.


  1. I bought a Lexus hybrid and couldn’t be happier and I also own a solar system over 11!years old


  2. I live in Arizona and have a friend who owns two Teslas. He has enough solar panels on his roof to charge his cars and supply electricity for his home for A/C etc. But with the $50,000.00 + investment for solar panels and the $155,000.00 + investment in the two Teslas, his effort to go “Green” is definitely a lifestyle, not a money saver and out of reach for most people I know.


  3. All good points, Mr. Quinn – in addition, I have never seen a cost comparison showing the additional electricity cost versus gasoline?


    1. I don’t know what sources to trust. Some studies have suggested that the overall carbon footprint is worse for EVs than fossil vehicles. This is because of the diesel machines and electricity required to mine coal and the heavy metals for the batteries and solar panels. I would not be surprised if the oil companies funded these studies but it makes sense. Central power generators are still the most cost effective way of controlling emissions from the stack vs a tailpipe.

      EVs might work in the Northeast or in southern California, but in the fly over states, sometimes you’ll drive your battery limit just to get to the next town and back. I don’t see them being accepted there.


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