More information, full disclosure please‼️

I know nothing more about this woman beyond what is in this Tweet. But I do know being black has nothing to do with her student debt and that her debt does not keep her from giving her children a better life.

That’s the problem with these stories which are designed only to advance a political agenda, facts and details be damned.

Assuming she graduated, with a economically viable degree, her college education is her advantage over others to reaching her goals.


  1. Student debt per se may not be a factor, but being a black female does negatively affect income.
    Whether comparing white to black generally, or white to black in similar occupations, there is a clear wage advantage for white workers. Even more disadvantage for black females.


    1. Historically yes, also between men and women. In the 21st century all else being equal not so much. But again, the issue was student debt.


    2. It is a factor in comparing public to private pay, also.
      There is a clear pay advantage in the private sector for men over women, as well as for white over black, even in equivalent occupations.
      There is much less disadvantage in the public sector. Pay is much more egalitarian, although not totally so.
      Adding to that, there is a much higher percentage of women in public jobs (58%) compared to the private sector (41%)
      And more blacks (14%) in the public sector than in the private sector (9%)
      All in all, it is one of the reasons some studies show higher compensation in the public sector overall.
      That is a good thing.


  2. Fallacies abound… Mainstream media, tweeters like Senator Warren, et al, are happy to push their narrative by using a common logical fallacy namely “The fallacy of composition” even when they know or should know this is an argument meant to deceive.

    Fallacy of composition – assumes what is true of the parts is true of the whole. … This fallacy is also known as “arguing from the specific to the general.”

    Are some people severely impacted by their debt? Sure there are but let’s not assume that condition applies to everyone. The average student debt is slightly greater than $30,000. That’s about the cost of a very average new car. So why do we keep hearing stories about people who are hopelessly in debt as the reason to forgive all student debt? The answer is obvious.


  3. Here is my take on this tweet. It is proof that a college education is not the golden goose cure-all that colleges and politicians have been promising for decades. If the college education was going to lift this women out of what I am assuming is poverty since she wants to give her children things she never had, then it failed because the tweet is implying that she is no better off.

    Mike Rowe, of Dirty Jobs fame, has been preaching for over a decade that college is over priced and not for everyone. Maybe people should start listening to him and take up a trade that pays very well.

    I am going out on a limb here and if the full facts can be found, I would not be surprised that part of this woman’s problem is her life choices. Raising children alone and going to college is expensive. I should not have to foot her bill. I managed to get my college paid for and raise my family while working 12-hr shift work. That was my life choice. My first thought was not to take a loan and then ask someone else to forgive it. I just didn’t take the loan. I paid as I went.

    PS: I feel that any college that help students get loans for their tuition and afterwards they award them a degree, and that student still fails to understand their student loan terms, then that college should have it’s accreditation pulled and refund that student’s tuitions because as a college, they failed to educate that person but still gave them a degree. My case in point is AOC. Boston University should have their accreditation pulled for giving AOC degrees in international relations and economics. Her only job other than a politician was a bartender and she still doesn’t understand how our economy works. Did she think that the bar owner just gave away free drinks to everybody and that is how he stayed in business?


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