Politics of deceit and division 😰

I know. I’ve harped on this theme before, but while frustrating, it’s important.

Look at the ninety-one thousand people who like this Tweet. Do they accept what’s Tweeted as fact? Have they taken the time to really think about what is being said?

If Amazon gave all its employees a $3.00 an hour raise, it would equal roughly 22% of Amazon’s 2021 net income, an exceptional sales year helped by the pandemic. The raise would be permanent, high level online spending perhaps not so much.

Even more important in the context of the Sanders Tweet, Bezos owns less than 10% of Amazon stock. His wealth was generated by Amazon, but like any good investor, he is now well diversified.

There is no logic between the Sanders Tweet and reality. But that doesn’t stop thousands of Americans predisposed to being anti-wealth from accepting the Sanders efforts at deceit and division.

The Amazon minimum wage is already $15.00 an hour or higher – the long-standing Sanders mantra. Bezos is no longer Amazons CEO (executive chairman).


  1. The tweet begs the question whether the tweeter is incompetent, dishonest, or… a bit of both. And likewise for those who “liked” the tweet.

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  2. If Bernie Sanders just returned some of the pork barrel spending he has authored over the last few decades, then maybe he can return $3 / hr to the American workers. Bernie complains about billionaires while he chairs the Senate committee approving $3.5 trillion in spending. All from a man who has not made nor produced anything and has lived off the American taxpayers for decades.

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