Most Democratic Voters Want to ‘Abolish’ Supreme Court – Rasmussen Reports®

If you want to see what the beginning of the end looks like, this may be it.

In the wake of a recent string of decisions strengthening the Second Amendment, reining in the power of the Environmental Protection Agency, and ending the constitutional right to an abortion, however, Democratic voters mostly disapprove of the Supreme Court. Only 33% of Democrats view the court favorably, while 63% have an unfavorable opinion of the court, including 40% of Democrats who have a Very Unfavorable view of the Supreme Court. By contrast, 72% of Republicans and 52% of independent voters have a favorable opinion of the court.

A majority of Democrats view the Supreme Court as racist and discriminatory against women, and favor either “packing” the court by adding extra justices or

Court – Rasmussen Reports®

Have we reached the point of division, of myopic views where we are willing to risk the republic?

Don’t get results you like so pack the Supreme Court? I think a President tried that about 90 years ago. That’s not how to work through differences.

This is not a Democrat/Republican thing, it’s about making our republic function under all circumstances and trials, not abandoning our basic principles and institutions because we can’t always have our way.


  1. By eliminating the Supreme Court, you are actually eliminating the Constitution. The job of the Supreme Court is to determine the constitutionality of laws created by the legislative branch and to review past Supreme Court decision for their constitutionality. Many Democrats seem to forget that fact when they imply the Supreme Court is creating law.


  2. It is scary times. One of the first thing a tyrant does is to dissolve the courts followed by the legislature. The FBI, DOJ, CDC, ATF, EPA are clearly political. The Jan 6th protesters are clearly political prisoners being held without bail or trials while criminals are being released within hours of being arrested without bail. The stuff coming out of the White House is often all BS and the main stream media supports it while big tech censors anybody who questions the information. All administration have done this but the Biden administration is not subtle about it. How do you tell the American public that we are not in a recession and that we have a very healthy economy while people are trying to fill up their cars and try to buy groceries?
    For too long Congress has let regulatory agencies and activist courts make laws in this country because Congress would not do their job. Just because five justices can read what is or isn’t in the US Constitution, people are having a fit. I also have little faith that our elections are fair. Not because of Trumps claims but how the governor of NJ won the last election. At 2am he was losing with 98% of the state results in. Wake up in the morning and he won by a percentage point after the state’s three biggest Democrat controlled cities finally reported their numbers. It made it look like they were waiting to see what numbers that he needed for the win. NJ has a history for election fraud prosecution of both parties so this could be a reality.

    The real question is who is behind the curtain pulling the strings.


    1. By far the biggest threat to the republic is the would-be dictator ex-President who acts like a mob boss, and those who support him. He has no respect for law, which is abundantly clear in his support for the Jan 6 rioters, all of whom should be jailed for treason. This was an attempt to thwart the peaceful exchange of power, which is something that is basic to the functioning of our democracy. To say that these rioters are political prisoners suggests a fundamental misunderstanding of democracy.

      The other serious threat to the republic is the actions of those who want to impose their religion on the country as a whole. This is NOT a Christian nation. It was founded on the principle of free exercise of religion, and those who want to force others to accept the dictates of their religion want a state that is similar to several of the Islamic Republics with Sharia law. There is nothing in the constitution that says that we should follow Jesus. Making laws on the basis of one religion will lead to a theocracy (see Islamic States).


      1. How you explain the video of the police letting them in the capital building? Did they burn down the Washington DC like other “peaceful riots”? But it is ok to fire bomb a federal courthouse during the summer of love in Seattle? How do you explain the denial of bail to protestors while people who are caught with guns are released without bail? Why are peaceful protesters being denied bail, due process, speedy trials after 1.5 years? Even traitors as you like to call them get trials and I thought they were innocent until proven guilty. I am still shocked that some lawyer has not gotten them all released. Some of those that have made it to trial and plead not guilty where found not guilty.
        I am not supporting Trump here, just pointing out that DOJ is corrupt. Then there is the whole laptop and non-existent Russia collusion thing. Where is the CDC and FDA scientific data to back up their actions? Follow the money there at those agencies.
        Both parties are guilty here of politicalizing and weaponizing the federal agencies to maintain their holding of power. Right now the democrats are a little bit more open and saying it out loud, more so than the republicans. The left clearly and currently has control over the media and censors conservative view points. But I am no fool either. The republicans have been doing it for decades too. After 9/11, Americans have been too eager to trade their freedoms for the illusion of safety.
        But if you don’t respect the Constitution nor the courts that interpret the Constitution, it is the beginning of the end. If we the people don’t like the rulings, then change the Constitution and or have Congress write laws that are clear otherwise the 10th Amendment applies.


      2. I am not sure that we are actually so far apart. While I still maintain that Trump and his followers are the major problem in this country, I have no illusions about the role of the left wing in polarizing the country. I do not support riots such as the ones in Seattle, nor do I support the censoring of opposing viewpoints. The country is way too polarized, much of which has to do with gerrymandering that gives radical candidates on both sides the ability to win elections by appealing to only one party’s voters. Both sides are willing to try to impose their views on other people. The Christian right is the biggest threat now, but the left has been doing it for some time as well.


      3. Unfortuately. IMO, 4 or 5 current Supreme Court Justices are substantialing basing their decisions on THEIR religious or political views, vs law and precedence. Two or three of those have less than needed integrity and honesty for the job. That is why I believe term limits and a non-political process is needed for appointments.


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