No law yet and it’s already been manipulated 😳😳😳

Medicare was cleared to negotiate drug prices for the first time by the Senate’s top rules official, though the Democrats’ proposal intended to cap price increases for prescription drugs in the commercial market was blocked.

The ruling will allow drug makers, to try to make up their lost profits in Medicare on private insurers . . .

actually patients of course‼️

Da ya think?

Does anyone understand that there are always consequences and when it comes to government vs private sector, the opportunity for cost shifting


  1. I thought the Senate was the upper body of the legislature. The Legislature writes the laws. The Executive branch enforces the laws by directing and ensuring that the various government agencies follow those laws.
    In fact, Chiquita Brooks-LaSure was appointed by President Biden as the Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) last year. Since when does she work for the “Senate’s top rules official”, who ever that is? And as far as I knew, Congress has not changed the law to allow negotiating drug prices.

    But I am not surprised. Last week, the White House declared SCOTUS ruling on Roe v Wade as unconstitutional. I thought it was the Judicial branch’s job was to determine the constitutionality of laws, not the White House. I am so confused. I thought I knew how our government was suppose to work. But it seem that the nobody in Washington DC has read the US Constitution. Who is really running our government into the ground?

    Oh yes, it is all about cost shifting. It will come to a point where private insurance will become unaffordable to more and more businesses and people. Then there will be another push for national healthcare.


    1. The Constitution is not a fixed in time legal document. The Constitution does allow for changes to be made by the amendments process. But now days, that’s not possible due to too much divisions politically and judicially.
      So when convenient, whoever wants to try to “amend” the Constitution, seems to be OK. The strict Constitution
      has been eroded and it seems more quickly so now.


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