“AIDS Healthcare Foundation heartily endorses Senator Sanders’ reintroduction of a Medicare For All bill and thank him for introducing this updated version of such critical, potentially lifesaving legislation,” said Michael Weinstein, President of AHF. “The Medicare for All bill would guarantee health care as a human right for anyone living in the United States. Right now, drug and insurance companies are enriching themselves at the expense of sick Americans and are blocking any meaningful reform. Medicare For All will pay for itself by driving down the cost of prescription medicine and eliminating the absurd inefficiencies and administrative waste in our current dysfunctional system. It’s more than time that we provided Medicare For All to all Americans.”

We need M4A in some form to assure universal coverage, beyond that the claims you are hearing are hogwash. It will not pay for itself in any way whatsoever. It will require significant new income, payroll or consumption taxes or some combination of all.

What can you believe?


  1. I can’t get into the M4A dream since our country is much larger population wise than Japan or the Scandinavian countries and others who have tried the universal coverage. We are also the only one with open borders and unlimited demand for healthcare. We also have a huge need for trauma care especially in the big cities. Shootings, stabbing, beatings are a daily fact of life. This is on top of opioid use.

    The ability of one government agency handling at least 20% of GDP along with controlling waste, fraud and abuse is not something I see as doable.


  2. First, healthcare is not a human right. It is an invention thousands years after the birth of man. Dying is a human right and or requirement of life. Second, there is no way that providing more will ever costs less. Just the concept of more has to cost something. Even the Federal Reserve printing more money has a cost as in higher inflation since the dollar is worth less. People need to just stop and think about it and stop believing it on face value as being true.

    How come nobody compares M4A to Japan? Japan has mandatory universal health insurance based on income and fee schedules. My first review of their programs almost wanted me to sign up. They also have doctor shortages, fraud, and other problems. But all I ever hear about is the Scandinavian countries. It is very hard to do google research on this topic because it is obvious that so many articles are bias on this subject depending on the point of view that they are pushing.


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