How I learn

I like facts and figures and lots of information in general. To that end I read the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post every day. In addition, I read Bloomberg News. 

I receive press releases from the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services, DOL, U.S. Treasury, the Social Security Administration and more. 

I subscribe to over a dozen specialty services from consulting firms and various non-profit organizations such as the Employee Benefits Research Institute, Center for American Progress, The Kaiser Family Foundation and various consulting firms. 

I use Google Search to automatically update me each day on a score of topics of interest. When I am trying to verify or find facts and figures, I first look at primary sources if possible. I try to verify a story or data from at least three separate sources, one of them government data if appropriate. 


  1. in your article on clark howard’s site, you mention that you go to a barber. why? i have been cutting my own hair for 55 years with a razor comb. that’s a lot of money. get a deluxe model that may cost five or six dollars, not a cheap one for 2 or three dollars😁. i’m not really sure though as the one i bought back in 1965 is still the one i use. it was probably not more than a dollar. several years ago, i inherited a pair of thinning shears which i use mostly now. they work at least as well, depending on one’s purpose. i still have a full head of hair and a lot more cash.


    1. I have been cutting my teenage son’s hair during covid in 2020. He said to me I don’t need to bring him to the hairdresser for cuts anymore. I ordered a Wahl shear, set it on #2 to buzz everywhere except the front , which I scissored cut. That’s a saving of $25 a month.

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  2. This is nice to read, but I wonder, as I read your work in the WSJ, why not support your statements with citations? If you do like facts – I would then be able to confirm or refute yours. No?


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