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Neat huh?   Just think, not too many years ago all we had was an electric typewriter and carbon paper (the real question is do you know what that is?)


      1. How do I start a new question? I do not see where to post it! I reached my FRA last November and started collecting SS in Dec. My wife turns 62 this coming Oct and will start collecting in Nov based upon my earnings. Will she draw off the Dec amount or will she get the 2 5 increase for 2018? If my FRA amount is $1,000 per month, how much will hers be? Thanks


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  1. The ‘MWL’, I wonder how it has changed America. You can make an argument against the ‘MWL’ on the many different levels of its existence since 1938.

    At the beginning, under Roosevelt, it went into effect @ 25 cents per hour in January, 1938. It had no economic effect. It was not raised until 1948(10 years later) when it went to $ 0.35ph. It did not have an economic impact until the 1960’s when it went over $1 to $1.35 ph. All those unemployed children gave us the ‘flower children and later the ‘hippies’. Of course, the drug culture exploded. Tune in, drop out, and lite up! Those were the ‘baby-boomers’! Woodstock shined a big spotlight on the children and the drug culture of the time.

    Could you offer up your views on the subject of what would be the outcome, if we had not gotten on this slippery slope toward socialism? Where would we be? Would we be controlled by anarchists? Would we be in a different economic world?

    All the ‘MWL’ has given us is inflation, corruption, and unemployment. Ever notice how many millionaires there are in Congress. A lot of them were not in that category when they went in. It is interesting how they employ their spouses and children. What a life!

    Thank you for your time.



    1. That’s quite a question. I don’t know about the connection between the minimum wage and the flower children, but I have views on the 1960s. My first part-time job was at $.75 an hour working in the City Library. My first real job after high school and with a company where I worked for 48 years, was at $1.49 an hour barely about the minimum wage at the time. The pay levels didn’t affect me adversely.

      However, I do believe the sixties and the women’s lib movement changed the Country forever. Traditional work ethic, religious attitudes, ethics, frugality were thrown out. The demeaning of the housewife and mother began the disruption of the American family. The explosion of the two income family eventually got us to the point where standards of living make two incomes a necessity for most people adding to the stress on families. Bottom line; what many see as progress I see as societal change in the wrong direction which I think is now quite evident.


      1. Every time I read your comments on Humble Dollar I feel like I am looking in the mirror! I am a year older , have 5% more hair, 2 fewer grand kids, don`t do social media, me but differences end there. Exact same beliefs on everything else including your above social commentary and your opinions on retirement. Spooky, but nice to know someone else has same beliefs/values. Just found this site and look forward to following you beyond Humble Dollar.


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