Herding Instinct-Four Wheel Style

Four wheel herding
Four wheel herding

Observe these parked cars if you will, five cars in a row surrounded by about three hundred empty parking spaces.  One of those cars is mine and I was the first car to park in this lot (three hundred empty spaces, remember).   An automobile is an expensive investment, or at least it used to be.  I like to avoid scratches and dings if possible.  Much to the delight of my wife I generally park far in the corner away from as many other cars as possible, and hey, it’s good exercise.  Why would you want to park next to another car if you don’t have to, forget the scratches, just getting in and out of the car is easier if you are not next to another car…you would think.

But noooooo, it seems that the herding instinct is way too strong in us humans.  My extensive, but admittedly less than scientific, research proves without a doubt that the next car in the lot will be parked as close to as many other cars as possible and if it is possible to park between two cars, so much the better.  If you don’t believe me observe this phenomenon for yourself. 

Where will you park your car the next time?  Not next to a 2001 gold Volvo I hope.

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