92/93 million Americans out of workforce 

You are going to hear that number often as proof that unemployment numbers are severely understated. But beware; make sure you understand that number

That 90+ million includes over forty million retired workers plus disabled workers and millions more you would never expect to be in the workforce in any case. The point is that the number of Americans who have just given up looking for work, but should be working, while too high is not the number bantered about at 90 million, it’s more like 5% or less of the total. 


  1. I am 63, unemployed. Looking over a year (choosy) receiving pension since 2010. I was working in 2015, unemployed since. I would be “retired” by your definition, but I’m not. Careful.


  2. Last month almost 500,000 people stopped looking for work, that is why the unemployment number dropped. So, the economy is not improving, but many use that number (The White House) to claim that it is improving. When you factor in inflation the average family is no better off than they were in 2002. Many are worse off. Hillary Rotten Clinton wearing a $12,000 Armani jacket, while speaking about income inequality is the height of hypocrisy.


    1. If BenefitJack is still actively looking for work, he is technically counted in the unemployment number.


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