Why can’t we have coordinated medical records?

The card below is from Spain. It’s a universal card containing all the persons coverage and other data.

The US could save a lot of money and time using a similar approach for coverage, medical records and claim data.

Instead we use tons of paper, ask the same questions over and over, fill out endless forms and sometimes received duplicative and unnecessary tests.

What is wrong with us?

One comment

  1. It is a great question that I am sure some civil liberty group would fight on privacy concerns, while the world freely posts the same information on Facebook. Look at me, I have cancer, feel sorry for me. I know I would love to stop filling out the forms everytime I get a test or a doctor visit or getting the doctor to speed with what my specialist is doing. I love it when my doctor ask me what she prescribed. Sometimes, I wonder if they even read the charts.


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