Appreciate Independence Day


  1. I guess if I read the Muller report again, that I’ll still find that the Russians had people from the IRA in the US mid-2014, almost a full year before Trump announced he was running for president. Did that change sometime since I last read the report? Did the Russians make Trump run for office? Do they have a crystal ball on who was going to be the two main candidates two years before the election?

    I’ll admit that most of the time Trump makes about as much sense as AOC. I wish somebody would shut down his Twitter account. But if you don’t want Trump re-elected, you better get the democrats more to the center. I will be happy to vote for any candidate who will not tax me to death and take away my liberties.

    Is it ok to ask where you were born on the census? I wish somebody can explain this citizen question thing to me. I been spending the last month researching my genealogy and every census form that is online going back 100 years, has those two questions as well as the language spoken. Now if we are going to have debates in Spanish, I would think that they are good questions to ask so that funding can be applied to the proper things like mandatory Spanish classes for all the non- Spanish speaking households. How many bilingual forms (other than Spanish) do you need because not every is comes from Latin America? Is it ok to ask if your are an American Indian? According to the US Constitution, they are the only ones who don’t count in the census. Citizens, non-citizens, illegals, long term visitors count, just not American Indians because they can’t be tax by the federal government. I wonder if that is still true?


  2. Can’t even celebrate Independence Day without controversy.

    Keep in mind that the Betsy Ross flag was recently deemed by the preeminent racial history scholar, Colin Kaepernick, to be a racist flag.

    So much so that Nike removed a shoe from the marketplace because it had that racist flag on it.

    I haven’t heard, but, I wonder whether the racist employee at Nike who decided to put the Betsy Ross flag on the shoe has been fired. Perhaps they should terminate the entire all-white executive team, too, for their racist actions. Makes you wonder why Colin takes their money.

    I guess Colin also thinks former president Obama is a racist too.


    1. I reviewed about 40 photos of white supremist rally’s and there were Nazi flags, confederate flags, lots of 50 star American flags and one Betsy Ross flag.


      1. I wonder how many pairs of the Betsy Ross Flag shoes Craperkick has and is waiting for the price to go up, so he can sell them on EBAY. Because with people like him, It is all about the Benjamins and nothing else.


      1. If you read news papers, you would know. This narcissistic moron is engineering the event so that all of the focus is on him rather than a celebration of the birth of our nation as it should be. What he really craves is hundreds of military personnel marching past his reviewing stand and saluting him like the “Dear Leader” of North Korea. He had to settle for two tanks and some generals standing with him. Too bad.


      2. Maybe Mik should stop listening to an illegitimate Russian puppet “president”?? 


      3. maybe someday you can stop being a useful idiot for failed democrat ideology…maybe not …choose wisely grasshopper !!


      4. Hard to believe there are so many morons in this country who can be scammed by a complete fraud and still support him – too ignorant to understand what is really happening. Trump’s tax returns will show that he is personally indebted to Russia and Saudi Arabia which is why he is selling out the USA to pay them off


      5. Trump’s election victory party with Russian diplomats in the hallowed Oval Office  (documented with a photo) Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in an attempt to stop the investigation of Russia’s meddling in our election Trump’s many efforts (public and documented) to weaken NATO, the alliance which Putin despises Trump’s justification for the Russian annexation of Crimea parroting Putin’s propaganda and pleasing him Trump parroting Kremlin history revisionism regarding their invasion of Afghanistan – only heard elsewhere in the world from the Kremlin Trump pulling our troops out of Syria to please Putin (until John Bolton stopped him) Trump cheering on Brexit to weaken the European Union to please Putin The T-PP threatens to further economically isolate Russia so Trump pulled the USA out of the T-PP to weaken it and please Putin Trump’s efforts to get Russia readmitted to the G7 to please Putin Trump destroying all records of the details of his conversations with Putin – banning the US translator and the US press from the room while Putin presumably gives him his marching orders for the months aheadTrump sides with Putin and against his own 17 security agencies that unanimously agree that Putin’s Russia interfered in our election to put him in office using Republican polling data provided to Russian oligarch, Kilimnik, by Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort – the polling data that enabled Russia to target on social media the exact voting blocs in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Ohio that resulted in the mere 80,000 votes to barely carry the Electoral college while he lost the popular vote by 3,000,000 votes Trump publicly embraces and praises Wikileaks which is an arm of Russian propaganda as supported in a statement by Trump’s own Secretary of State Mike Pompeo Trump refuses to impose sanctions against Russia as passed by CongressTrump rolled back sanctions in January 2019 against Russia that were imposed by President Obama for meddling in our 2016 election – only to please PutinTrump suspended the Cold War era INF nuclear arms treaty with Russia, instituted by President Ronald Reagan in 1987, giving Putin yet another wonderful gift in return for getting him elected president What more do the low information Trumpist cultists need to know to admit that they have been scammed by a corrupt racketeering and inept real estate con man who has also become a Russian agent? 


      6. Jerry, I guess CNN is wrong too?

        “(CNN)President Donald Trump was as good as his word Thursday: He saluted America.
        In one of the least polarizing speeches of his presidency, Trump paid tribute to America’s armed forces at a July Fourth appearance before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington that unfolded amid stormy skies and criticism that he was politicizing the nation’s Independence Day celebrations.”

        Those of us that can do critical thinking for ourselves, we don’t trust any politician. The current crop of democratic presidential hopefuls are so extreme and are so far to the socialist left that they will ensure Trump gets re-elected. I am not a Biden fan, but he got crushed by his own party for admitting that he worked with the Republicans to find a solution on bussing, decades ago. Immigration is a crisis caused by the inaction of congress and it doesn’t help that they, the democrats, keep going on TV wanting open borders, free healthcare, and free education to the illegals when we can’t give that to Americans. Congress has been at a stalemate ever since Obamacare was passed in 2010 on almost everything besides healthcare.

        I wish I could just fire them all (both parties).

        I fail to see how our flag is racist. The Betsy Ross represents freedom. The original Brexit if you will. It was the British that brought slavery to America. I’ll defend our flag and for which its stands, no matter how many stars are on it. I am even will to let California remove their star.


      7. Well Dwayne, surprisingly Trump stuck with the tele-prompter yesterday which is rare – you seem to fancy yourself to be a free thinking patriot – feel free to think about the issues that I just posted describing all of the instances when Trump has acted to please Putin since Putin put him in office – Trump desperately wants to be an autocrat – he admires the leaders of Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia to name just a few – Trump says he believes Putin when Putin denies interfering in our election despite the Mueller report which proves beyond a doubt that they did interfere – Trump has met with the short fat kid with the bad haircut from North Korea and given him the international recognition that he craves for propaganda purposes – Trump continues to sell arms to Saudi Arabia defying the will of Congress and despite that fact that the Saudis murdered an American journalist – Trump is trying to destroy the three equal branches of American government – defying House subpoenas and completely lawful requests from the House committees for information – now he is defying a Supreme Court order not to include the citizenship question on the 2020 census forms – no free thinking patriot should stand idly by while an unindicted co-conspirator tramples on our Constitution – I for one will not stop spreading the truth – Trump will do and say anything to get reelected – unethical and/or illegal – because should he not be reelected, the SDNY will most certainly imprison him – and, that is where this criminal belongs


    1. Jerry, you believe everything you read in the newspapers, don’t you know the history of the propaganda they have printed ever since the first paper was started. CNN and plenty of news agencies jump the gun once again on how the 4th of July celebration will be done. I will wait until it is over to pass judgement on any of it. As the President and Commander in Chief, I think it is his call, not CNN’s


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