Misleading everywhere

For the following to be true the bill as allowed by Medicare would have had to be $125,000 (x 20%=$25,000). That is impossible for the service described. Most likely the $25,000 is the initial billed amount; many times more than what Medicare pays while the patient’s responsibility, unless they had Medigap coverage, would be 20% of the allowed amount. Based on some recent personal experience, the patient’s real out of pocket cost would be $1,000 or less or perhaps $0 with supplemental coverage.

When it comes to undocumented immigrants, is there really any option to providing emergency and urgent health care to any human being? Of course not, and that’s what happens every day in ERs across the Country.

This kind of letter given credence in a paper (opinion is fine, but with the facts), is what makes it so hard to have a real discussion about health care.

Letter to the Editor of a Idaho Newspaper:

So recently I had the pleasure of a gall bladder attack. The pain was excruciating. I was taken to emergency where the situation was finally controlled. The real pain, even though I have insurance (Medicare) was a $25,000 bill. That’s right. TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND! I will manage in some way. Now what really galls me, is every Democrat running for the presidency are for FREE health care for illegal migrants. Try to figure that out.


      1. If there’s no actual difference then why the different terminology ….smells like a political ideology trick to hide the truth !


      2. Good point. More often they are incorrectly using migrant which is a person who moves from place to place seeking work and not a permanent residence.


    1. The left seems to prefer the term “undocumented” vs “illegal aliens” in an effort to decriminalize the fact that most undocumented people did not enter this country at a port of entry with customs agents. The fact of the matter is and as noble as their cause is to make money or provide for their family, they have already proven that they are willing to break US laws to do so. Thus in my opinion and the opinion of the courts that this makes them lawbreakers and thus are illegals. They broke the US immigration laws.

      I wish we could reserve the term “undocumented” to those who are caught in between. There are people who were brought here as very young children and grow up to be English speaking adults, who are stuck in purgatory. But the left has defined the term differently than me.

      The problem of dealing with illegals is not restricted to any one president. Congress wrote the laws dating back decades. ICE is just trying to enforce the laws as written and court mandated decisions that Congress has refused to fix.

      I am not in favor of M4A. I also know that hospitals must provide emergency care. But what California did in providing free MediCal to illegals before providing for tax paying residents of California is just wrong.


      1. I prefer the term “illegal Democrats” due to the fact that they’re buying votes with taxpayers money…our veterans don’t receive free healthcare which further demonstrates the democrats lack of respect for our heroes and their failed ideology for America !!


  1. The editorial is a “who pays” criticism. Perhaps the numbers are wrong. On the other hand, perhaps this individual did not enroll for Medicare Part B because he deemed it too expensive, or perhaps he does not have a Medicare Supplement policy.

    However, his complaint is not about his Medicare coverage. His complaint is that when individuals obtain uncompensated care, or when coverage is provided to individuals without cost, no one really believes that hospitals and physicians and other providers eat the cost? No, we know that they raise the price on all of the rest of us who actually pay.

    So, the complaint is that they will get you coming or going. Either you will suffer the cost of providing coverage to others through higher prices, or, if some of the democratic proposals take effect, you’ll pay for it in dramatically increased taxes.

    Reminds me of the old Fram Oil Filter commercial – pay me now or pay me later.

    The fact is that so long as we continue to engage in vote buying (republicans and democrats) and shifting the costs we incur to future generations, we will never stop the ever increasing cost and the calls for more “free” stuff, or greater benefits to those who reside, at least temporarily, in the Romney “47%” – the 2012 election’s version of “deplorables”.

    This is all about the allocation of societies burdens. Are you happy with your current allocation? Tell us why. Tell us your recommendations for change.

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