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It’s time to rethink college. Paying for college and for health care are more alike than you may imagine – and the value of what we pay for is questionable for both.

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YES, EDUCATION is invaluable. But should young adults go to college to obtain a piece of paper that may mean little in the real world? Is the student debt we hear so much about really worth it? Could pushing college attendance for all be as misguided as pushing homeownership for all?I’m not against formal education. I put four children through college. In fact, I believe parents are obligated to cover their children’s college costs, assuming they have the financial wherewithal to do so.

That doesn’t mean they should pay college costs at the expense of retirement savings—but it may mean delaying the purchase of a new RV. Parents also have a duty to guide their 18-year-old’s college decision. I don’t see a child turning 18 as the signal that parents are done parenting.I also believe we need to expand how we define education, which—in my view—doesn’t begin and end in the classroom.

I learned a great deal about the Second World War from visiting the Normandy Beaches and Auschwitz, and about the Middle East from seeing the living conditions in the West Bank and listening to residents. I learn every day by reading, usually two or three books at a time.

Source: Matter of Degree – HumbleDollar

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