2020 Social Security COLA

For August the CPI-W was 250.112

Based on a CPI-W of 250.336 for July 2019 (the first of three months that are used in the actual calculation)…

the projected 2020 COLA looks like 1.5%


  1. I guess we should thank twit Trump for this low projection??? That man promised to leave Social Security and Medicare alone. Should have know u cannot trust this man


    1. Absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with Trump or any President for that matter. Nothing. It’s all a fixed formula based on inflation.


      1. many, many republiCONS blamed Obama for low SS colas during his admin. And right bias news outlets did little to challenge your statement that it is a non executive branch matter….its payback time baby!!


    2. We can thank President Trump for a tax cut, jobs, more people moving back into the workforce, wage increases, stock market highs and low inflation. When cost of goods and services do not go up much, you get a low COLA. I like the low gasoline prices, I remember paying $1 more for gas on my vacation in 2015. Saving money on the things I purchase and living well in retirement is what I like, not a bigger COLA, that I have to pass on to the merchants because of higher inflation.

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