Please, won’t you pay my debts?


  1. What do you think of Trump’s recent promotion of a 2020 middle-class tax cut? He also promoted a middle-class tax cut before the 2018 mid-term election but nothing came of it.


  2. What an injustice to those who have already paid off their student loan debt…or those who worked hard not to get into student loan debt… or those whose parents saved for decades and have already paid their college tuition.


  3. Thanks for the info. Call me crazy but if we took all student loans( $ 50,000 example) and made them low or no interest with a100 year term, the payment would come to about $45.00 a month. #1- Now we don’t have to forgive anything. #2- All student loan paper would be current (and an asset) to be sold at a discount or sold as low interest tax free bonds with the govt and current paper holders kicking in some interest for the purchaser. The term obviously outlasts the borrower but his/her estate is still liable. No prepayment penalty and 20 yrs of on time pmnts gets a chance to pre pay with a discount. As the borrower ages, the principal amt becomes smaller with inflation and is also relatively smaller in terms of household income. In a nutshell…no major bailouts, everybody pays and no red ink for the lenders. You miss 6 pmts and the whole mess gets reinstated. The paper holders take a hit but they still have an income stream, the alternative (100% forgiveness) would lead to another govt./Wall Street debacle. Thanks, Bob

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  4. With encouragement from the political left, many are part of the growing entitlement society. There are many reasons young people believe their loans for education should be paid by others. One of the reasons is that they value their education so little. And for good reason, many college graduates know little more than when they graduated from high school.

    A revealing and depressing information trove about education through 12 th grade, can be found on the website of the National Center for Educational Statistics in their annual National Assessment of Educational Progress, also known as the Nation’s Report Card. As written in ancient times, he who increases his knowledge increases his sorrow.


      1. BTW – Here’s my choice for Trump’s dumb shit quote of the week: “Energy efficient light bulbs make my hair look orange”


    1. I am confused. What does Trump have to do with forgiving college loans taken so many years ago? At best there has been only two years worth of students loans that could have been taken while Trump has been president and it is way too early for those people to default on them already.

      As far as Trump blaming others, he is not the only one. The left and most of the democratic party have been campaigning on spreading fear, hate, and victimhood. After Trump is no longer president, I am 100% sure that the republicans will do the same as the democrats. Trump does not hold the monopoly on blaming others. Politicians have been campaigning on having no personal responsibility and letting the government take care of you since JFK died.

      I believe in forgiving nothing. I paid and or earned my way through college. It did take 29 years to do it without any student loans, but I found a way. I paid off two mortgages and several auto loans and I pay my credit cards on time without keeping a balance. I don’t expect anybody to pay for what I buy. I went into every financial transaction with my eyes open and only what I could afford. I do not blame others for my decisions. If you want a college education there is a way. Join the military, get a job, take a loan, or go to a cheaper school, but don’t expect me to pay for it.


      1. You’re confusing facts with feelings…the entitlement crowd needs to play the victim card to feel better and trump is their whoopin boy !!


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