Circa 1983 MY MONEY?

The irony is that her children were too young to receive the shot in any case.


  1. Americans are known for can-do optimism. That was tempered somewhat when it came to sickness and death. Technology has changed that. Now the previously unobtainable is attainable. Surgeries and drugs once a pipe dream, are reality. The problem is, the once dreamed for aren’t free.


  2. Dick, ten years later, 1992, Syracuse New York.

    I’m conducting a focus group on benefits. My job is to ask questions and let the attendees talk. 10 in room with me. We got around to health care costs. One lady confirmed that her husband had been laid off, and that his employer’s coverage of himself and their two teen boys had lapsed. She was covered at my employer’s plan under the most expensive HMO choice, almost $250/month for her alone, so her two prescriptions had copays of $30 each per month. One of her coworkers cautioned her against leaving the husband and boys without coverage, noting we offered an option with a $1,000+ family deductible but a much lower premium of only $70 per month. She turned to me, and while I hadn’t said anything in the past ten minutes, angrily stated: “you just don’t know how much it costs to keep two teenage boys in Reebok’s!!!” To which I , who had two pre-teens of my own, responded: “Yes, you are right, I have never bought my kids Reebok’s”!!!!!

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