Should younger Americans pay more for seniors?

Conventional wisdom (perhaps rhetoric) says Americas seniors deserve more. More assistance, higher Social Security benefits. Of course there are exceptions to everything, but are seniors on average doing that poorly?

The question is, how much more should we take from younger generations?

Median and average net worth by age

• Under 35: Median net worth: $11,100 (average net worth: $76,200).

• 35-44: $59,800 ($288,700).

• 45-54: $124,200 ($727,500).

• 55-64: $187,300 ($1,167,400).

• 65-74: $224,100 ($1,066,000).

• 75+: $264,800 ($1,067,000).

One comment

  1. I have to wonder who is included in the under age 35 group, because I would have bet they had a median negative net worth. Makes me think they excluded individuals under age 25 (they typically use a bracket of 25 – 34 in other studies). With all the moaning about student debt and modest incomes …

    And, I wonder what historical surveys showed when the baby boomers were under age 35.


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