Social whatever. Paid for by whom?

There is no socialistic country in the world where only the millionaires and billionaires foot the bill for social programs.

VAT, payroll and income taxes, plus assorted fees on selected purchases (like cars) and high gasoline taxes are paid by average citizens.

Its quite simple. Workers give their money to government and the government in power at the moment decides how much, to whom and how to give it back.

It is the judgement of the government what is a fair redistribution of income and wealth. And “in power at the moment” has a lot to do with with those decisions. The UK and the US are good examples of what happens when there are major shifts in who is running things.

It seems to me that risk is enhanced as more power is placed in the hands of government, any government. The promises of one can be altered or taken away by the next and what citizens may rely upon can disappear or change significantly. Look at health care in the US.

“Free” is a meaningless term, and a crafty one in the hands of politicians.

Fairness is relative depending on your point of view mostly if you are being taken from or given to.

As programs grow, their costs become hidden behind taxes and the “free” fallacy is generally accepted.

And then, suddenly there is the reality of budgets, debt and the need for higher taxes or perhaps trimming those promises presented as “free.”

By then of course, those responsible are long gone, there is no accountability for all the promises and projections made and the results that were to be achieved.

Citizens now look for more promises and higher taxes to fulfill them… taxes paid for by the next generation or anyone else.

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