Guaranteed… you pay no more than $200

Many Americans find this appealing and the right thing to do. But let’s think about this, why?

Why should no one pay more than $200 a year on medication? Americans spend $72 billion a year on their pets. That’s an average of between $325 and $1,900 a year for dogs and cats.

Am I comparing your dog with your health? Nope, I’m comparing $200 with $200 spent on one thing or another or in this case $200 vs $1,900.

I know few people, including me, who think about spending money on health care as part of their regular budget, but it’s a fact or should be.

Make a list of all the things you spend $1,000 or more a year on that are not basic necessities life and then tell me why you can’t spent that or more on your medication or other health care.


  1. I guess I am doing it right. There is nothing I spend $1,000 per year on, that is not a necessity. I have cut my budget to the bone, if it is not needed I do not buy it. My wife and I have never been big spenders on anything, raising 4 kids from 1978 to 2009 on less than $25K per year. We spend less than $500 per year on healthcare, at 63 we have no big health issues, I sure hope that does not change, but if it does I will gladly pay what is needed without compliant. We have military Tricare insurance and once we turn 65 it will be Medicare and Tricare for Life, with very little out of pocket costs. I will gladly pay the $3600 per year Medicare premium for the both of us, as it is way less than what others pay for health insurance.


    1. I certainly wish you continued good health, but keep in mind with just Medicare, you risk significant out of pocket costs and Medicare has no OOP limit. I hope TRICARE picks up the deductibles and co-pays.


      1. From what I have read Tricare for Life is the second payer after Medicare and does pick up deductibles and co-pays after we spend $400 each per year.


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