You may not like the consequences of government running health care, especially given you are now being mislead.

This is not a condemnation of the UK health care system, the NHS, it’s a warning of what can happen when your health care is at the mercy of politicians and changing governments.

With Britain on the precipice of an election that could soon lead to a decisive break with the European Union, Brexit looks to many people more like a threat to their cherished health service than its salvation. The system has already deteriorated under the watch of Mr. Johnson’s Conservative Party, with beds overflowing, waiting times swelling and nurse and doctor vacancies piling up.

In recent days, the growing strains on the National Health Service jolted the campaign as some hospitals buckled under wintertime demands, and an irritated Mr. Johnson struggled to respond.

Source: NYT 12-11-19

When government runs anything, including health care, there are budgets and competing demands. Money is promised here and there, deals are cut to please this or that constituency and in the process something has to give.

That means health care competes with Social Security, or defense or infrastructure and other social programs. It means that under the political process Americans lose complete control over their health care and how it is delivered.

Today Americans complain about Co-pays and deductibles; about pre-approval of health care. The claim is falsely made these controls are only to create profit for insurers. What do Americans think will happen to manage a national health care budget? How will budgets be maintained?

Will taxes just keep going up? Politicians don’t like to use the obvious and visible tax increase, just look at Social Security where nothing has been done for decades as the program deteriorates and Medicare where the thrust was to cut fees.

We are told that billionaires and corporations will pay for all the promises of M4A. If that’s so easy, why don’t other countries use that method and free their citizens of taxes, premiums and co-pays. Because it can’t be done.


  1. Anyone who has been to the government run DMV, Tax Office, City Hall or other government office would then, really want the government running healthcare is CRAZY! One look at the Veteran Administration run hospital system and all its SNAFU of late, should know not to believe M4A is going to save you anything. And it will cost you plenty of new taxes, to pay for that “FREE” healthcare.

    SNAFU –


    Is what you are going to get if M4A ever happens. .


  2. This might not be a bad thing. Personally, I avoid doctors and hospitals like the plague. When doctors went on strike in both the UK and the Israeli state, the death rate went DOWN !!


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