Getting Catty

CATS ARE NOT my favorite animal. They don’t like me, either. I’m allergic to them. If I go into a house with cats, within minutes I have trouble breathing. I once saw Cats on Broadway. Even the actors dressed like cats rubbing against my leg creeped me out.

Recently, I was in a restaurant. In the booth opposite were two young women, probably in their mid-to-late 20s. They were chatting away between texts. Occasionally, I heard the words “money” and “spending.” My ears perk up when I hear those words. My wife knows that, so she gave me the glare that said, “Mind your own business.”

Then it happened. The younger of the two ladies said, “I want to get a cat.”  There’s my wife’s glare again.

Read on: Source: Getting Catty – HumbleDollar


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