The New Medigap Deductible Rules Are Now In Effect

If you first become eligible for Medicare in 2020, you must pay the Part B deductible on your own.

A change in the Medicare supplement insurance deductible rules took effect Wednesday, after years of waiting and planning. The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015 (MACRA) now forbids many consumers from buying new Medicare supplement insurance policies that pay the Medicare Part B deductible.

The 2020 Medicare Part B deductible is $198. The MACRA change means that the consumers who are affected by the change must pay the $198 Medicare Part B deductible themselves, without help from their Medicare supplement insurance coverage.

Source: The New MACRA Medigap Deductible Rules Are Here | ThinkAdvisor


  1. Thanks. $198 won’t break the bank. It is good information to know for planning purposes. At least its not like trying to finding $10K every year for a high deductible plan.


  2. For someone who is still 7+ years away from Medicare, am I correct in believing that the $198 deductible is the total annual deductible for part B?


      1. Does this mean the Medicare supplement insurance policies will be $16.50 cheaper per month as they will not have to cover that cost. Or is this just another payoff to the insurance companies by the bought off politicians in OZ.


      2. No because there is not a one for one trade off. Believe it or not there are many people who don’t meet their deductible, not to mention other cost factors increasing.


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