Strange how we think of other people’s money

Listening to a financial planning advice radio show this morning and a man called in with a problem.

Seems “his mother lived too long” as he put it and spent last two years of her life in a nursing home. When her assets were exhausted she went in Medicaid, but it seems not all her assets were used. Some were less than obvious in non-cash assets. Medicaid is was looking to be reimbursed.

The caller was looking for a strategy, presumably legal, to keep those assets for himself.

His specific question was, “how do I keep the government from getting the money?”

I’m guessing most of us would hold the same point of view, keeping our money, that is.

But let’s think about this. There is no government money. Taxpayers funding Medicaid came up with the money and many of them think there are too many cheats getting welfare, which Medicaid is.

It seems when we are the beneficiaries our point of view changes and when we get what the law says we don’t deserve, our point of view changes.

Just like with many of the issues surrounding health care, many of us we want our cake and be able to eat it too.

One comment

  1. And, it’s precisely that little quirk in all of us – that “human nature” thing – that dooms socialism and it’s logical absurdity communism to failure.


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