Bernie Sanders don’t know nuttin

I guess it’s just politics and the quest to gain support, but it would be refreshing to hear the truth and complete story once in awhile instead of being manipulated.

NEA estimates that the national average salary for the 2018-19 school year is $61,730—a 2.1 increase from the prior school year. In New York the average salary is $85,889, the lowest is Mississippi at $45,574. And remember, those numbers do not include the substantial value of, generally higher than the private sector, non-cash compensation, especially retirement and health benefits, or the hourly rate adjusted for the work year.

What about those teachers who earn below the average? Those differences reflect geographic cost of living variables, starting salaries, salaries reflecting education levels and tenure.

Does paying teachers higher salaries result in better education? The results are decidedly mixed, it does appear to reduce turnover, but it’s clear there are many other factors more important. Typically when performance is measured in the private sector, good performance results in higher salaries, not the other way around.

Traditionally teachers have climbed, step by step, up the pay ladder, automatically earning salary increases based on their education level and years of service. Pay reflecting performance has been tried, but is always controversial and always the measures draw criticism and excuses.

So what is Bernie trying to do? Improve education? Get support from teacher unions or simply buy votes?


  1. Question…why are voters comfortable with using Medicare/Medicaid tax dollars at for profit hospitals but opposed to using tax dollars at for profit schools …seems hypocritical doesn’t it ???


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