All I want for Christmas

As I read this report, I asked myself, is this the full picture? Should  we also ask about fixing the finances of the Social Security and Medicare trusts? Should we first look to get our federal and even state deficits and debt under control? All this is like asking the kids in a family struggling to meet mortgage payments and to pay its credit cards to make a list of things they want for Christmas.

And then I think, you know, there are many working-class Americans who earn considerably more than many Americans with four year college degrees who also find themselves in a “precarious economic situation.” In NJ the average base pay for a firefighter is about $80,000.

Is it realistic to ask people if they want more things from government, that is, other taxpayers and future generations? That’s like asking people if their Rx co-pay is affordable.🤔

Working-Class Americans in All States Support Progressive Economic Policies – Center for American Progress Action

From the report
In an era of wage stagnation, uneven access to health care, and historic levels of inequality, many working-class families find themselves in a precarious economic situation. As a result, the working class is pushing for policies that will increase economic well-being and stability.

CCES survey data suggest that workers across the United States—whether they have a four-year college degree or not—support policies to raise wages, institute higher taxes on the wealthy,(1) and increase spending on basic investments such as education, health care, and infrastructure.

Not all workers support these policies, and the degree of support varies across states. Still, the data suggest that in the overwhelming majority of states, members of the working class—as well as workers with college educations—express strong support for progressive economic policies

(1) defined as a 4% increase on earnings over $1,000,000.

Source: Working-Class Americans in All States Support Progressive Economic Policies – Center for American Progress Action

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  1. The only valid question is “do YOU want to pay more in taxes to fund a government mandate?” As I always say, people want the best (health care, roads, etc.) that YOUR money will buy!


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