Do you believe this? It’s nonsense. We’d be better off if it were a bot

The NPR report says nothing about denying care, but it does say:

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s behind this decline (visiting a primary care physician) the researchers say. But the evidence points toward rising out-of-pocket costs as a factor. The average out-of-pocket cost for a visit to the doctor related to a health problem rose from about $30 to nearly $40 during the study period. And the share of primary care visits subject to a deductible jumped, too: Less than 10% in 2008, versus more than 25% in 2016.

$40.00? People don’t visit their primary care physician because it will cost $40.00? For some people spending $40 is something to ponder, but generally speaking it’s not.

I wonder what the same people spend $40.00 on that they don’t think twice about spending?

Maybe even worse is that organizations like the one Tweeting are trying to convince Americans that M4A will be unlimited and unrestricted and you will get any and all care wanted. Think about what that means. It can’t work and doesn’t work even in the UK


  1. Why does the general public think Medicare is free care? First we all paid in during our working life. Then when you are on Medicare there is a monthly premium, and still another premium for any advantage programs. You still have a co-pay, and a deductible. And if you have a drug plan, there is the dreaded donut hole.


    1. Great point. Until I retired at 55 and starting looking at when I had to go on Medicare, did I really understand my out of pocket costs for Medicare. I, like the other 85% of Americans under the age of 65, thought that Medicare was free. In fact, I believe Part A is free. That is probably selective hearing on my part that I only heard the word free. I have since learned about the other Parts, which are not free. I really didn’t understand that there was other parts even with the TV commercials telling you that.

      I guess are part of senior citizens group still believe it is free because they certainly didn’t pay enough into the Medicare for the expenses that they will claim without being charged the difference.

      It is also very disappointing that seniors are not yelling that the M4A can’t be free because Medicare doesn’t work that way. But instead, groups are trying to get the senior vote buying by expanding their coverage or lowering their costs. If I was on Medicare and I knew that I had copays and premiums to pay, I would be yelling to make Medicare totally free since I “paid for it” before M4A is given to anybody else. But I don’t read about that.


      1. You paid for your Part A coverage while you were working. If you’re like the majority of Medicare beneficiaries, you’re not paying a premium for Part A. But you did pay for Part A during your career.


      2. We paid a portion of the cost of Part A, that’s why the trust for Part A is being depleted. Part B funding comes from general revenue and premiums which cover about 25% of of the B costs.


    2. “Why does the general public think Medicare is free care?”

      Because they are LAZY! The info is available with just a few clicks of a computer mouse. I have a brother-in law who did not even know his wife would get a spousal benefit. He always complained that he would never get every thing that he paid into SS back. But I showed him that he will get everything back in 9 years, and in 20 years him and his wife will receive 1.08 million not counting colas. How many times do the politicians have to be caught lying before we stop believing them? All the lies that politicians and non profit organizations like Social Security Works tell are designed to get our votes and donations.

      Fixes to Social Security and Medicare should be done now, but I do not think it will happen. Many of the politicians that could make the changes will be dead before 2035 and as wages increase the shortage may not happen until 2040. That is why I am for increases in the minimum wage, more taxes being paid into SS and maybe the ability of low income workers to have some money to start an IRA.

      Or we need to change the system so in the future employers pay in the same amount on each worker and everyone gets the same benefit check. My mother worked 44 years at mostly minimum wage jobs and she gets $780 per month. I worked at jobs paying about 25 to 40 percent higher than minimum wage for 27 years and get $1326 per month. My sister made about double what I did for 45 years and she gets $2700.

      Economist Melton Friedman said SS is the biggest wealth transfer to the rich ever devised. His point richer families send their kids to college, so they enter the workforce 4 or more years later than most workers and they make more money during their working years. Because of their higher wages employers pay in more SS tax and those workers receive a higher monthly benefit.

      The people who need the money the least in retirement get the bigger check. Let us face this simple fact SS is not a retirement plan, it is a welfare system and it was originally started to ensure that retirees would not live in poverty after leaving the workforce. SS was not started to be a windfall for the rich, but that is what it has become, in many cases.

      Looking at the history of SS, many large employers at the time went along with FDR, because they thought the additional taxes would cause the small guys to go out of business. If Congress does nothing everyone will have to take a cut in benefits or someone like Sanders will means test SS benefits and if you have income above the poverty rate, your benefits will be cut or eliminated.


    3. People and I am speaking particularly to sloppy journalists conflate Medicare and Medicaid as well as ignoring the differences between the Medicare plans and the costs of each


  2. The organization calling itself Social Security Works is a private non-profit lobbying group whose name is deliberately named to deceive. It continues its deception by releasing false and misleading press releases, tweets, and associated drivel.


      1. Nancy Altman, President of Social Security Works and renowned Social Security expert, brings us her third book, in which she uses the founders’ own words to debunk myths and reveal the truth about the most popular and successful government program in our nation’s history.

        On page 10 of her new book she says-“Social Security Does Not Add Even a Penny to the Federal Debt.”

        That is false, if the government has to borrow the money to pay the interest on the bonds held in the SS trust funds or has to borrow money once SSA has to start cashing the bonds to pay benefits, it will add to the national debt. I only have a high school diploma, but even I know when someone does not understand basic math.
        Or if they want to ignore the fact if the government spends all tax receipts and still has bills to pay it has to use debt to meet those additional obligations.

        I am sure Nancy Altman thinks we can have free healthcare, free college, forgive all student loans, increase SS benefits because we have a surplus in the SS trust funds and everything will be rainbows and unicorns. I wonder if this so called SS expert even reads the SS trustee reports. I am also sure I will find plenty more lies and half truths in her book.


  3. Stories like this are a form of brainwashing to convince uninformed voters to accept the so called “FREE” healthcare that the politicians are trying to shove down our throats. M4A will not be free and the quality of care and wait times for appointments will be months not weeks, like they are now. Don’t believe it, ask anyone getting treatment at the Veteran Administration Hospital near you.

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