Brain Meets Money

HOW OFTEN DO you think about money? Hey, you just did. Seriously, we think about money every day and sometimes every hour. Some studies say we ponder financial matters even more often than the old standby: sex.

We’ve been thinking about the stuff for a long time. Money goes back about 3,000 years. Paper currency can be traced to China in 700 BC. They didn’t fool around: Their currency stated that all counterfeiters would be decapitated. I’m guessing counterfeiting was rare.

Today, it costs two cents to manufacture a penny and almost eight cents to make a nickel. Result? Each year, we taxpayers lose about $85.4 million on the production of pennies and $33.5 million on nickels.

Gee, at that rate, those of us on Social Security could receive a $2-a-year raise if they made cheaper money. Who needs pennies anyway?

Money is no more than a piece of metal or paper—basically worthless, except you can get stuff for it because the people who sell you stuff can get other stuff with the money you give them.

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Source: Brain Meets Money – HumbleDollar

One comment

  1. Phrases you don’t hear now:
    1. That, and a quarter will get you a cup of coffee.
    2. Two bits says you’re wrong.
    3. That ring looks like it came from the five and dime.
    4. Someone finally dropped a dime on him.
    5. I’m as sound as a dollar.


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