Millennials Struggle with Money Management Decisions

Only 19 percent of Millennials who perceived themselves as having high knowledge about personal finance were able to correctly answer basic questions assessing fundamental financial concepts…

Forty percent of Millennials have been offered financial education by a school, college, or employer. Of those offered such programs, 68 percent chose to participate, with 31 percent accessing these programs through an employer.

Source: (Not) Breaking News! Millennials Struggle with Money Management Decisions – 401K Specialist

How is it possible to be in your mid twenties or mid thirties and have little or no financial literacy? How is it possible to graduate college without gaining financial literacy?

I don’t know, but that appears the case. I wonder how that relates to their political preferences?


  1. Last week I saw a young woman ask Bernie Sanders what he was going to do to help people in her situation. She had just finished law school and had close to a quarter of a million dollars in student loan debt.

    I just returned a book to the library, “The Entitlement Society” by Christopher Caldwell.

    Remember when an American President, a Democrat, asked this in his inaugural address, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”?


    1. @Vince Ryan – Bringing up the history of what some great presidents have done in the past will not help today’s snow flakes. They have been brain washed by the dimwit demoncrat union controlled school system that nothing is their fault and the government is the answer to all our problems. Joke of the day – How many democrats does it take to solve a problem? No one knows, its never happened. I just wish the leaders in D.C. would take some financial classes and learn that they cannot continue to spend 1 trillion dollars more than tax revenue collected each and every year going forward. Our economy is no longer a pay as you go economy, it is a debt economy. The Federal government owes 23T, Citizens owe 14T, Corporations owe 10T and State governments owe 1T. The world owes over 250T and that is not counting future unfunded liabilities. US – 122T. The ticking time bomb of global bankruptcy is getting closer each and every day. When the world economy implodes it is going to make the 1930s look like a boom time.


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