Do you oppose Obamacare? Do you oppose M4A?

Many Americans support both, many oppose.

But I suspect those who strongly oppose either or both, don’t know why, or I should say cannot articulate their reasons why.

Want to try?

Obamacare did not meet its stated goals, but did expand coverage.

M4A offers the likelihood of universal coverage, but we have yet to discuss what managing costs would require or fully understand paying for the promises.

So, I ask again what are the primary reasons you oppose either or both?


  1. As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads, it will be interesting to see how the universal healthcare nations managed the virus. Although it is way too early to draw any conclusions, I suspect in a year or two we will find out what the best healthcare system was.

    The virus speed at spreading has many factors, population density, age, general population health, international travel hub, speed of government reaction (countries with a later infection knew what to do more so than the earlier countries). All this must be taken into account.

    However, my early research show that the death rate among those infected, in Italy was 9.5%, Spain = 6.6%, Iran = 7.8%, France= 4.3%, England = 5.0%. (All these countries have some form of universal coverage).
    The other European countries may just have too small of populations in smaller cities. A study will need to factor that in or out.

    Current world average is 4.3% result in death after being tested positive for the virus.

    In the US, where the cases have not plateaued, the death rate is at 1.3%, Canada is at 1.2% both late comers to the party.


  2. @Dwayne – “A national one size fits all policy rarely works.”

    Oh, it works, it works to make us all poorer, it works to raise taxes, that are then wasted in many cases, it works to raise prices, it works to reduce choice, it works to increase fraud, waste and abuse.


  3. My reasons are costs and care. I point to everything that the government has “guaranteed”. This has been essentially giving a blank check resulting in skyrocketing costs. I point to student loans, mortgages, and Medicare which helped to drive up healthcare costs

    For care, I just point to the VA. Numerous investigations and “solutions” have failed to provide proper care and wait times to our veterans. Now add several hundred million people to a government run healthcare system. What a disaster that will be. A national one size fits all policy rarely works.

    When Obamacare was first passed, they still could not get people to sign up such as the homeless and the healthy, You will still have uncovered people demanding access to charity care in an emergency department of some hospital.

    And to those who are believers that healthcare is a God given right, I say that God also invented disease and cures where only recently invented. How many life choices cause our diseases such as over eating, drinking, smoking, or occupations selections? If you want government to treat you, then they would have a responsibility to control costs by managing your lifestyle choices.


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