There may be a dearth of posts for the next several days. I’m a bit stressed as I am on a cruise ship at the very tip of South America in Punta Arenas, Chile

We were headed to Santiago, but Chile and Argentina have closed all ports to cruise ships.

Even though we were all over this town two days ago, we are now anchored offshore and the cruise line is trying to figure out what to do.

Either we get off here and find a way home through Santiago airport or possibly sail back to Montevideo or wherever.

I like traveling, but at the moment all I want is my feet on US soil.


  1. I have family who have been stuck on a cruise ship off the coast of Spain for the last week now. They were unable to dock as Spain closed all its ports, although they were allowed off at Gibraltar last Thursday (a non-scheduled stop). I’ve been mapping their boat and they’re well on their way back to Blightly and should be docking into Southampton early tomorrow morning! Fingers crossed for them and for you!


      1. Hoax? Fine by me. We can then punish the hoaxers and prepare for the next one where hopefully we can tell the difference between a real pandemic and a hoax.

        Still, don’t be taking a trip to Italy anytime soon.

        Take care. Jack


  2. Take care.

    Back here in Ohio, they’ve closed the schools, and directed everyone to distance themselves – so we are watching our church service on line today.


  3. Dick … keep your distance and prayers be with you and your ‘bride’. When you’re tired of singing “Happy Birthday to You …” we know you will be cleansed. Fellow Utility Man – retired 2003.


  4. Safe travels Dick. I have a sense of your feelings, as Kathy & I were on a cruise that went through a Hurricane. About 24 hours of rock & rolling. Sea sick folks all over the ship. If there was a way off the ship – we would have taken it .


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