Never let a crisis go to waste

Nobody should argue against economic stimulus or aid to those affected by the health crisis, but when you give Congress a blank check, anything can and will happen.

Members of Congress will find ways to further unrelated agendas, to make permanent what was intended to focus on the immediate problem or simply to pass out some pork.

Here’s some examples from the pending legislation going from what may be related if targeted to something else.

$25 bil­lion more for food stamps and child nutrition

$12 bil­lion for ­housing

$3.5 bil­lion to states for child care

$32 bil­lion for ed­u­cation

$900 mil­lion for low-in­come heat­ing assistance

$50 mil­lion for legal ser­vices for the poor

$60 mil­lion to NASA

$8 mil­lion to National Archives

$99 mil­lion to Energy Department

$37 million to the Forest Service

$75 mil­lion to the Na­tional Foun­da­tion on the Arts and the Hu­man­i­ties

$25 mil­lion to the Kennedy Center


  1. Wait until next years budget. All departments state and federal will ask for and get more money, so they can be prepared for the next pandemic. CRAZY!


  2. A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon, you’re talking real money. Everett Dirksen never really said this, but the quote is attibuted to him


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