A comment I want all to see

The following came to me as a comment on this blog, but it’s worthy of a wide read.

Doing what is necessary to meet a crisis is one thing, using a crisis as a ploy to spend us further into debt is not.

So tell me, really, just how connected are you, and all who participate here, how connected are you with your neighbors? We just moved, but, we lived for 31+ years in the same home, and I can tell you the names of everyone on our block. After storms, we have cut up fallen trees. After blizzards, we have shoveled snow, taken people to the pharmacy in 15+ inch snow (and twice that of drifts). My wife is a better neighbor than me – she cooked, baked, baby sat, visited those who are ill, called on neighbors, and organized a social group of moms. We don’t have that relationship here, not yet, after we moved just 5 months ago … but we are working on it.

Tell me how connected you are with your legislators, the administration? My experience is that the federal, state, and local governments take my money and ignore my calls and writings. That’s been going on as long as I have been an adult and a wage earner – now 50+ years. What is your relationship, connection?

We just saw members of Congress and our President sign on to $1+T deficits for as far as the eye can see, and that was before Coronavirus. While I never met them in person, I often felt connected to Tom Coburn, the famous Dr. No from Oklahoma … I remember Paul Tsongas from Massachusetts. And, too bad Trey Gowdy from South Carolina has moved on. Who do you trust among today’s 535, who listens to you, connects with you?

I can’t say whether things would be better or worse had Hillary been elected. Nor can you. And, I can’t say whether things will be better or worse if Trump is not reelected later this year. Nor can you.

I used to say that what America needs is divided government, to avoid situations where we shift too far right or too far left. See President Ford. But, the $2+T deal, with $4+T in fed financial capability, just reconfirms that when it comes to spending other people’s money, including money from those not yet old enough to vote, and future generations yet unborn, the R’s and the D’s are pretty much one and the same. Remember, this came just a month or two after impeachment and a trial in the senate.


  1. Just remember what Mark Twain said -“If voting made any real difference, they would not let us do it.”

    All I ever get back from my reps in DC are form letters that do not really address my concerns, so I have stopped writing to them.

    Now federal debt is going to be 25 T plus. The 2 T just added will cost 40 billion per year in interest @ 2 %, CRAZY!

    Why are so many of President Trump’s top guys from Goldman Sachs ???

    Now with less people working and paying into SS, the trust fund may be used up a couple of years earlier than projected.

    The Covid 19 shutdown is going to be the biggest mistake of the Trump administration. Let’s get real 2,475 deaths in the last 6 weeks In the same time 300,000 have died from all causes of death in the U.S. Sure we should all take precautions to limit our exposure, but having the sky is falling attitude that is sweeping the nation is not helping. .


  2. Don’t kid yourself – we’d be a lot worse off with Democrats. They literally are the party of big government – and they want it ‘cradle to grave.’ They want you to depend on the government more and more. Anything can be solved by pouring more $$ into it. It doesn’t matter what the results are – they will double down. The less government the better. A Libertarian approach.


  3. I, like you lived in the same house for 32 years and helped the neighbors. We had neighborhood BBQs. We also had 50 to 100-ft frontage on our lots. After moving 6 years ago, our lots frontage is 90 to 150-ft. 18 families could live in the same space that 6 do now. There are adjacent neighbors who I still don’t know their names in my new house.

    I write snail mail and send emails all the time to every level of government. One or two may get back to me from the city council. One man who started off a state Senator and went to congress always will get back to me even when I tell him that no reply is necessary. He has personally called 9:30 at night. We don’t always agree but he knows his base. Other than that, I get nothing from anybody else
    The national debt is a great concern to me. However, in the current crisis, I fear a depression more than the disease. During the housing crash, people slowly lost their houses and jobs. Currently, this was done overnight by government orders. If the small business, airlines, hospitality industry don’t survive then the cure will worth than the disease. Then what will be the tax burden be in welfare and unemployment and loss of tax income?
    Neither party has impressed me for years.


    1. @Dwayne Gartner – What worries me is what if this causes a shift in mindset of the American people and they stop spending money on anything but the necessities. They worry about the future to the point of not buying new cars, homes, going out to eat, vacations etc., because they do not want to be caught off guard, if Covid-19 or some other virus comes back in the future. At a minimum I believe we will enter a recession this year and it may be years before things really get back to normal.


      1. SInce I am retired with a pension, my income is unaffected. My wife and I have decided to use at least have of stimulus check on our local restaurants since we don’t need anything else. My theory is they need cash flow and I am sure one or two might go out of business anyway. What business can survive with two months of no income? The other half we are going to start buying Christmas presents. Two reason for that. First, to get money back into the stores right away. Second, we have Christmas money saved anyway so depending what happens, we can just used our Christmas fund later if we need the extra cash. I am also waiting to hear how they are going to treat this stimulus. I am sure it will be taxable income. The last time they gave money it was an advance on your future income tax refund or you owned more taxes. I might have to use some of my Christmas money to pay the extra taxes.

        I had the deficit, but a decade long depression will cause great hardship and even bigger deficit, and more socialist controls.


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