Interest rates … low is great, but not for everyone

If you are looking to borrow money in any form, low interest rates are great. But not everyone is in that situation. Many ultra conservative retirees put their money in the bank, CDs.

Their fear of the stock market may actually guarantee the spending power loss they seek to avoid is certain.

Last week, the average rate for a 12-month CD rate was 0.57%, according The rate for a five-year CD was 0.86%.

The annual inflation rate in February was 2.3%

So, if you buy a CD, you are guaranteed to lose more than one percent in spending power.

Being too conservative with your investments can be as risky as being too adventurous. Select from a buffet of investments.

If you are risk adverse, just put less in equities, but at least aim to beat inflation.

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  1. You are so right on this topic. It’s unfortunate that even keeping pace with inflation ultimately requires risk (equities). Hope you and your wife are faring well on the cruise ship. Hope they let you disembark soon.Take care.


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