Don’t do the right thing, who cares?

A letter to CMS from the American College of Physicians says in part:

“We appreciate CMS’ recent implementation of a special enrollment period for those who have lost job-based coverage. However, creating an emergency special enrollment period now will ensure all eligible individuals have a chance to enroll in subsidized comprehensive coverage regardless of health status or current insurance coverage status,” continued Dr. McLean. “It will also enable people to enroll in coverage quickly without having to submit documents confirming loss of coverage as required under the existing special enrollment period for loss of job-based coverage.”


There is no special enrollment period for job loss. Since the ACA was enacted, individuals who lose coverage through job loss, divorce, etc have been eligible to enroll immediately for coverage.

Now, when the possibility of high medical costs is upon them we need to allow individuals to enroll in ACA when they had at least six previous opportunities. They elected not to enroll, perhaps they felt it was too expensive even when subsidies were available, but now because they may need coverage, the premiums are affordable?

Think about what this is saying. Doesn’t it say there are no consequences to acting irresponsibly, even breaking the law?

Remember, nobody is suggesting denying care, just who will pay for it. It may also suggest there is no other solution other than universal coverage and universal paying for it.

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