Stop Scaring Us

We all know there is a crisis, we all know its serious, we all know there are those among us who are suffering. However, the media needs to stop scaring Americans.

It is not helpful to be told that models estimate there could be 100,000 to 240,000 death, a wide range that in itself should tell us how accurate it may be. Most likely no more accurate than predicting the track of the next hurricane. Even if the estimate is accurate, what is the average American to do about it?

We don’t need to know that New York City has ordered military body bags. There are horror stories every day in life, good people die way too young, families are devastated. What purpose is served by daily, even hourly stories of such hardship?

To provide us every detail of the death of individuals in a community who die of Covid-19 is unnecessary.

In fact, there are many people in society, those suffering from depression or other mental health issue, for whom this constant flow of bad new can be harmful. Many seniors too are easily scared and frequently they may be isolated or closely confined in a facility with others also scared.

The media is not providing a public service, they are using this crisis to their advantage, with no public benefit.

Tell us some facts we’d need to know that can be used to protect ourselves and others, provide information that allows us to do something positive … otherwise …

Shut up!


  1. Some context: The number of people in the U.S. who die every year is around .0073% of the population, this is before covid-19. That’s about 2.4 million people.

    The model Drs. Fauci and Birx have been talking about predicts a possible number of deaths due to covid-19 of between 100,000 to 240,000 , as repeated above by Mr. Quinn.

    So, the grimmest prediction will increase the number of deaths by 10%.
    The overwhelming number of these deaths will occur in people over 60 years of age who have other serious medical conditions.


    1. Some more context: The number of American deaths in Vietnam War – 58,000. In the Korean War – 37,000. In World War I – 117,000. In World War II – 405,000. Seems to me that the predicted deaths from COVID -19 are a significant number of people, unless, of course, we do not need to be all that concerned because the majority of them will be old people (I may be biased since I am one of those old people who is in no hurry to pass on.) Also, bear in mind that this prediction is based upon following the Fauci guidelines. If the guidelines are not followed, then the number might be several fold higher. The danger is not in over reacting – it is in under reacting.


      1. I agree with you RP, at least as it regards a lack of hurry; the appointment with my maker is inevitable, but a longish postponement would be appreciated. (Eyes cast upward, face in dolefull expression.)

        I’m 72 with “underlying health conditions”. I would rather my death certificate read Heart Failure Following A Century of Faultless Operation, than Covid with Comorbidities. Although Covid-Como has an alliterative and mordant ring to it.


  2. I think the point that Dick is trying to make is that the media myopically focuses on the most negative angle of every development during this crisis with almost no regard for providing context or balance throughout the reporting (regardless if it is MSNBC or FOX). Why do we spend so much time on the mathematical model that predicts 100,000 to 250,000 deaths but not discuss that the inputs used for those models utilize the Italy, France and China experiences while the US population density, demographics, and quality of healthcare system make those experiences less relevant to what we are likely to experience? Why have I seen virtually no attention paid to the studies that show the actual morbidity rate is likely closer to 0.6% than the 2-3% quoted due to the massive number of unreported or asymptomatic cases? How about reporting on progress? Quoting daily case and death numbers ignores the fact that case growth in virtually all European countries and in the US are coming down over the last week and NYC case growth peaked weeks ago and the daily numbers are in absolute decline? Why do we have to see reports of the same handful of hospitals that are being overwhelmed but no reporting on the fact that the vast majority of hospitals have capacity and the makeshift 4000 bed hospital at the Javits center is essentially empty or how the USNS Confort’s 1000 beds have a grand total of 40 non-COVID-19 patients? How about how NYC RELEASED 1600 COVID-19 patients from hospitals on Friday, a 153% increase since Monday? Balance would be better than fear tactics and paint a more realistic picture of the situation.


      1. Wilson, do a little work before you dismiss a dissenting view. If you don’t want to see the balance, then continue to quote headlines. But if you are interested in reality dig a little deeper and ask questions about why data is presented the way it is. Have you noticed that there are only a few hospitals the news cites when they say “hospitals are overwhelmed”? Because it’s only a few boroughs that are poor (crowded apartments), old or have communities that congregate often that are hardest hit. Those same districts also happen to have the fewest ICU beds in NYC. Western Queens has 1/2 as many beds per capita as Manhattan (US News). Elmhurst only had 29 ICU beds when this started. Statistics are what they are, how they are presented reveals the perspective the presenter wants people to see. Fear gets people to watch the news.


    1. Rob. I have been unable to verify anything that you posted. If you have no sources, you will have no believers!


      1. Look harder, those data are in various sources. In addition, do some math. For example, divide the US population by the number of reported infected individuals and see the infection rate. the fact, is its not hard to find reported data that support any position you want to take and that’s because too much of the data is biased and slanted to political agendas which is a real shame.


      2. Come on man – “various sources” – you sound like Trump, “A lot of people are saying”


    2. Wilson, I am a research analyst and get daily updates from private statistical and geo-political research organizations everyday, however, those statistics can be verified via articles in The NY Times, N.Y. Post, local media outlets like Staten Island Live and Local NBC affiliate channel 4. The problem is that you have to actively search for them because it’s rare a reporter or outlet bothers to even touch on one of these encouraging stats, no less dedicate an entire article on them.


    3. Here is a good place to look at the numbers by state, updated every day..

      You will not here it from the MSM – 3 states NY, NJ and MI account for 60 percent of the deaths from COVID -19. 11 states have less than 25 deaths. 7 states have less than 50 deaths 8 states have less than 100 deaths, 9 states have less than 200 deaths. 3 states have less than 300 deaths. 11 states have deaths between 300 and 884. We have to put these numbers in perspective to total deaths from all causes per day 7,452. So far 95% of the people who get COVID – 19 recover.


  3. You are absolutely correct, Wilson. The problem is not that too many people are scared. The problem is that there are too many people who do not appreciate the danger of not following the advice of people like Fauci. Anyone who has paid attention the last couple of months should know that the mainstream press has been right and Trump and his followers have downplayed this pandemic. The media is providing us with the information that we need to protect ourselves. It is Trump who is not. We need to start listening to the scientists and physicians, not politicians.


  4. The complete incompetence of Trump and his administration and the many. many lies Trump spouts off every day in the press briefings must be publicized to the American voters. Trump is personally responsible for the thousands of Americans who are going to die. It’s been more than three years since Putin installed Trump in the White House and Trump is still blaming the previous administration for everything he has himself destroyed. When Jared Kushner says that the national stockpile of ventilators and PPE is not there to help the states, the voters in the states need to know that. If it takes a projection of 100,000 deaths or more to convince Americans to practice social distancing, so be it. We have a right to know the truth and the truth won’t come from Trump or his lackies. If I hear Pence praise “Trump’s leadership” in one more press briefing, I’ll blow lunch. You may know, but most people do not. They are too busy trying to find food. And, by the way, who in their right mind would go on a cruise in times such as these?


    1. So, you think what you read in the media is always the truth or helpful? Try looking at this without bringing in any political view of any kind. Think about the impact on vulnerable people of what they are seeing a hearing.


      1. OK, I don’t need to read anything. I can just listen to replays of Trump’s 16,000 lies in three years as he contradicts himself from one day to the next and then denies that he ever said what video recordings prove that he said. And we’ll make it apolitical – Trump’s not a Republican or a Democrat, Trump is a Russian puppet.


      2. Your comments are almost like you didn’t actually read what I wrote or focus on the point I was making. Forget Trump and his idiotic remarks and misinformation. My point was the press hyping stores that unnecessarily scare people when there is nothing they do about it.


      3. And my point was that the MAGA Rally crowd needs to be “scared straight” so they will follow the guidelines of the CDC’s and not infect those of us who are trying hard to follow the guidance of Doctor Fauci to stay alive. I certainly hope Trump begins having MAGA Rallies again. That will ensure that there will be a Hell of a lot less morons come November.


    2. @Wilson – According to the United Nations World Population Prospects report, approximately 7,452 people die every day in the United States. In other words, a person dies in the US approximately every 12 seconds.

      Why are we flipping out because 24,000 people have died in the last 90 days from COVID-19??? In the same time 670,680 people have died, but let us go ahead and wreck lives and the economy. This is not going to end well.


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