Back to Basics – If you have questions about your finances HumbleDollar has answers

Check out these questions. Have you ever asked yourself one of them? I have, many times. I urge you to read the full article at the link I provided below.

Back to Basics

Jonathan Clements  |  April 18, 2020

GOT QUESTIONS? We’ve got answers.

This week, a new chapter was added to HumbleDollar’s online money guide. The chapter’s goal: to tackle basic financial questions that often crop up, especially among those new to the world of investing and personal finance.

This might seem like an iffy moment to make financial changes. I’d argue just the opposite is true. With the stock market down sharply, this is a great time to get started as an investor. Meanwhile, with the coronavirus spreading rapidly and the economy in turmoil, it behooves all of us to make sure we have the right insurance, enough emergency money and a buttoned-up estate plan.

The good news: None of this is that complicated. Want to get your finances headed in the right direction? Check out the answers to the nine questions below.

Source: Back to Basics – HumbleDollar

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