‘In desperate need:’ Many, including Social Security recipients, still waiting for federal stimulus checks

I’m a skeptical person, I admit it. When I read or hear something, my first inclination is to seek verification. Given the current political and social environment, I should not be alone. But be warned, questioning the generally accepted assumptions has its risks.

In any case, here is my latest display of skepticism.

What has being a senior on a fixed income to do with the pandemic stimulus check? I am a senior on a fixed income, albeit not typical, and my expenses have declined. My expenses have not increased at all.

I can’t get a hair cut, my wife can’t go the salon, we received a refund when the town cancelled her senior exercise class, we can’t go shopping. Medical costs are still limited to the OOP expenses under our Medicare and supplemental coverage, no change there. Gasoline prices are down, but we don’t drive anywhere. Other basic living expenses are unchanged. I can’t lose my job because I haven’t had one for ten years.

So, why do seniors need a stimulus check equivalent to young families, especially those where a job may have been lost?

No doubt many seniors could use more income, but that has nothing to do with the pandemic and does not justify diverting money from younger Americans or, for that matter, driving the Country deeper in debt.

“I think I’m one of the people, probably of many, that are going to fall through the cracks,” said Henry Kohler. “I could use it. We’re on a fixed income.”

Source: ‘In desperate need:’ Many, including Social Security recipients, still waiting for federal stimulus checks | FOX6Now.com


  1. As I have said before, imagine if the seniors were excluded. Right or wrong, the MSM and social media would have a heyday. It is an election year. There is no pleasing everyone, but this is treating everyone equally. Except of course our future generations.

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  2. Richard, On this subject you are in the Minority: You have saved all your life, you have prepared well for your retirement. You have probably also invested well and derive another good source of income from your savvy Financial acumen. Sadly so, as you have constantly detailed and commented about, a much higher percentage of retirees are not in your enviable position. As they say; “Hindsight is 20/20”.
    Many of these needy retirees might have paid or given too much of their Retirement savings to their children’s College Tuition in order to give them a head start in life. Many are probably still driving a car and paying for the operating expenses. We all make different choices.
    But all of us including the Retirees on a fixed income, WILL PAY for this man made shutdown (whether right or wrong……..time will tell with the ‘Monday Morning Quarterback’ talking heads) through lost family members either due to COVID-19, Illness, Depression/Suicide. The cost of this will be slowly recouped by each Local, State and Federal Government in their raising of Taxes and Fees on all of us. Please have no doubt on this!!

    I have already read of many State and County plans to pay for their losses and it is not pretty for the Residents.
    The Federal Government (Congress) is now talking on BIG changes to our Social Security benefits (now speculated to run out between 2028-2030 due low contributions) and BIG changes to Medicare (also speculated to run out of money in the Trust Fund).
    Bottom line all of us will need some help going forward. We cannot take an attitude that I’m okay so lets worry about the ‘Millennials’ future. As long as I’ve been alive and also my parents in WW11, the Government has continued to print Money to deal with overspending. I’ts all just Greed and living beyond your means!!


    1. I realize I am in the minority, but that doesn’t automatically make me wrong. As I said in the post, I don’t doubt many seniors need more income, my issues is relating it to the pandemic, adding to the deficit and giving the money to seniors rather than younger families. How does the pandemic make a typical seniors economic status more desperate?


  3. Agree. My wife questions the logic as well for exactly the same reasons you have outlined. Even my auto policy is in the process of rebating some of my premium because we are driving less!!! You can bet there is an underlying cry as to why are Seniors not offered an increase in their SS while those in Congress vote themselves raises. I bet they too are getting the stimulus payments as are many of those who worked throughout the pandemic shut down!
    Just for the record, we have not received our stimulus payments. Had to go to the IRS.Gov “Get My Payment” page to enter a bank account since we did not receive a tax refund last year.

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  4. Richard: I do disagree with you to the extent that there are many Social Security recipients out on the US landscape who are trying to survive on Social Security only. I know, like you and your other readers, that these people should have saved for their retirement, but didn’t for many reasons. These people are just as in need of the stimulus checks as young families. Quite honestly, I don’t know how anyone can survive on Social Security only in this day and age.


    1. As I said in the post, I do not doubt many seniors need more income, what I doubt is that they need that income as a result of the pandemic. They do not need the stimulus check as young families, they can lose a job or have wages cut and they aren’t saving for retirement and other things. That should not be used as the excuse to throw fiscal prudence out the window. And you’re right most people can’t survive on SS alone and it was never designed to be so, but many do.


  5. I agree, many Americans did not need $1,200 from their children’s future tax bill. Trump and Pelosi do agree on something: shower current voters with money that their kids will pay for when they are both out of office and on the other side of the grave.


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