Buy American … good luck

In the emotional environment of the pandemic and it’s economic implications “buy American” is popping up on social media.

Forget it‼️ It’s shortsighted . . . and undesirable🧐

It is virtually impossible to buy American in any case. This is a global economy. US companies sell their products and services around the world. US products we hold dear are often owned by Foreign companies.

A move to buy American would likely be met with similar measures in other countries resulting in loss of American jobs. One of the top ten imports to the US are pharmaceuticals, but they are also in the top ten exports. Want to go green? Solar panels come from outside the US.

Take a look at these popular brands. They are all owned by a Mexican company.

Think you are buying an American car? Even cars assembled in the US contain foreign parts. Check out any parking lot and count the foreign brand cars.

If you insist on buying only American, you might be giving the clothes off your back. Most are made in Asia.

If you are reading this on a smartphone or tablet where do you think it was made? Even if assembled in the US, most components are foreign. Enjoy a cup of Tetley tea, UK company.

Hey, this Buds for you; Belgian owner.


  1. It appears we have waves of financial instability coming. In a May 1 email, Lance Wallnau wrote of Heidi Baker’s prophecy (Iris Global) that was in his book, God’s Chaos Candidate 2016, wherein she saw people standing in long lines to get free food. Mr. Wallnau was the first who prophesied that Trump would be president, and wrote about it in his book, which was published two months before the election. Today, Joseph Prince said in his sermon (New Creation Church) that we have a financial famine that is going to keep getting worse as the year goes on. In 2018, he said there was a devastating flu-like virus coming on the world, but that God already had a new strain of healing (this was also reported at Fox News recently, which I read about) . That healing could be from Israel. Club had a story on May 1 about a firm that has been developing a vaccine to coronaviruses. They’ve been working on it since 2016. From Lance Wallnau to Israel, it all loops together. Kris Vallotton talked about something that was coming on the world that made him weep, in a December 8 message that can still be listened to at under podcasts. He also says in that message that Trump will be reelected.


  2. I’ll go one better. My wife and I received the stimulus check that we really don’t need but we can spend it and help keep the local economy afloat. We would love to spend the money helping our local mom & pop shops or even local restaurants to help them get through this. Here in New Jersey, almost everything is still shutdown. We ordered pizza twice. Honestly, I do not know how many stores will be able to reopen so that we can help them later. Meanwhile, if we cannot buy our normal day-to-day items (non-stimulus stuff) at Shoprite or Home Depot, we are forced to order from the internet and send our money out of state which is hurting our closed local stores even more. So not only am I buying products from overseas, I can’t even give my local stores part of the profit selling the item to me. “Buy Local” is now becoming another impossible thing to do. Brick and mortar stores were losing out to the internet before the covid-19. This pandemic might just kill a few more stores and malls off.


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