Denmark here I come

What’s not to like? Universal health care, tuition free college, generous vacation and leave time, near 100% union representation looking out for you, and high wages for the lowest level jobs; sounds great to me.

How does it sound to you as an American?

Before you answer, let me mention:

  • A flat income tax rate of 55%
  • A 25% sales tax (VAT)
  • $2,000 fee to obtain a drivers license
  • 8% payroll tax to fund health care
  • 90% of Danes have a required retirement plan at work similar to a 401K plan and contribute between 12% to 18% of income (lower mandate for lowest income). If you take a lump sum at retirement, it is taxed at 40%
  • A state pension funded from general revenue provides about $1,100 per month, normal retirement age is gradually being raised to 68.
  • Members of the Church of Denmark (75% of population) pay a church tax and in addition general government revenue contributes about 9% of the Church budget.
  • 150% fee of purchase price of a car (unless it’s electric)
    • Less than 50% of Danes own a car
    • Gasoline runs about $6.00 a gallon

They have lots of Legos though.

It all seems to work fine for the happy Danes, but Danes are not Americans living in a diverse country 3,000 miles wide with 330 million people.

So, how does the whole package sound to you?


  1. Like so many countries some people think are so “Great”, there is a price to pay, usually a citizens rights. Most Americans would not tolerate mandated social programs such as those in Denmark.


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