The irrational socialist mindset

The job picture is grim there is no doubt about that. We need to focus assistance on those who need it. The so-called stimulus checks (which most are not stimulating anything) should have been more closely directed toward those actually in need.

Nevertheless, it appears targeting assistance is of no consequence, rather a broad brush approach is more appealing. An approach that reinforces the idea we have no responsibility for our spending habits, no responsibility to be concerned with the cost of things we buy. And certainly and uniquely no responsibility for health care spending.

Take a look at the following. It doesn’t say cover health care costs for those with no income or living temporarily on unemployment or even without health insurance. It says eliminate all out-of-pocket costs during the pandemic – which also begs the question of defining during.

Why is the cost of a $25 office visit co-pay different than $25 spent in the grocery’s store on soda, chips and mozzarella sticks? It isn’t‼️ And yet most people make a very big distinction, hence politicians come up with ideas like this.


  1. I’m in the staffing business and we have lots of jobs for those who are looking past the next few months of enhanced unemployment checks and realize that productive work is the only ultimate means to personal provision. In Kamala’s world, and by that I mean the world of auditioning for the role of VP, nothing is too audacious to promote as long as it portrays people as victims.


  2. And I say, “Millions of people are struggling to pay rent or put food on the table. They should have to worry about paying extra taxes for all of this sh*t. So how about you’ll only get paid when the budget is balanced”.

    I guess I’ll never buy a vote with a statement like that.


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