What kids know about COVID-19

Ask your child the questions and be enlightened

These are the responses to questions asked by their mother from three of my grandchildren

Answered by: Maggie, age 9; Danny, age 7; Christian, almost 5

1. What is the Coronavirus?

Maggie: a virus

Danny: a virus, a disease

Christian: it’s like a type of virus

2. Who is the president?

Maggie: Donald Trump

Danny: Donald Trump

Christian: Donald Truck (close)

3. How many days have we been in lockdown?

Maggie: I have no clue. Maybe 63 days?

Danny: 100

Christian: what’s a lockdown?

4. Do you want to go back to school?

Maggie: yes, who doesn’t?

Danny: no

Christian: no

5. Who is the first person you are going to hug when lockdown is over?

Maggie: all of my best friends

Danny: you

Christian: you

6. Where is the first place you want to go?

Maggie: to all of my friend’s houses

Danny: Climbzone

Christian: Florida

7. What do you think we can do to get rid of the virus?

Maggie: come up with a cure

Danny: not go to the stores

Christian: help people

8. Is mommy a good teacher?

Maggie: I don’t know, you don’t teach me

Danny: no, sorry

Christian: yes, because you hug me

9. How did the Coronavirus start?

Maggie: Someone in China got a virus and they named it the coronavirus

Danny: China

Christian: I don’t know

10. If you had to wear protective clothing to help you what would it be?

Maggie: a suit that protects people from a virus and a full helmet that you could still breathe in

Danny: purple clothing

Christian: a steel suit and a mask

11. Are you enjoying lockdown?

Maggie: no

Danny: yes

Christian: yes


  1. Smart kids. My justed turned 8-yr-old grandson, who is a special needs, had a complete meltdown at the doctor’s office about 3 weeks into the shutdown because a nurse touched him. He is now a complete germaphobic. Nobody is sure how he got this way. We think that it is a combination of his birthday party being cancelled, not going to school or church. May be he got told to wash his hands so that he doesn’t get sick at one time during the shutdown. The wearing the mask in the doctor’s office pushed him to the conclusion that everybody will get him sick. The only thing on TV is the disney channel so it’s not like he got the ideal from the media. I would ask him about the virus but I don’t want to reinforce anything bad. It is funny what and how kids put things together. There will be thousands of kids and adults who will be affected by the isolation of this shutdown that our governor is ignoring.

    In the meantime, I’ll have to find some purple clothing. I am sure that it will work as good a cloth rag on my face. At least if I look like Barney the dinosaur or a Teletubby, people might think I am crazy and stay 6-ft away from me. Danny might be onto something.


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