Cancelling Social Security

The following comment appeared on another blog, burypensions I have not edited the text.

I find this quite sad, 😢 but it’s an example of the impact of political propaganda and fake news.

Neither Trump nor anyone else is going to cancel Social Security and while some states have mismanaged their pension funds, those benefits aren’t going anywhere either.

I will leave a comment for you. I am a pice widow worried about social security and my small pension being taken away. As I have taken good care of my health I will probably outlive my own savings. When my benefits are gone Trump wNts to cancel social security and states can’t manage the money the MEMBERS earned and contributed to OUR pension fund I will go to Trenton and commit suicide, better than ending up homeless or mooching off my child. All this political arguing and stealing by you blockheads no thought of the seniors you are terrifying on a daily basis.


  1. Please consider the hidden agenda of any information from our mass media…we live in a society where the truth offends and only feelings matter.


  2. I am so sick and tired of reading of how twit Trump is going to do this and do that..all he cares about his helping his rich buddies ..with tax breaks and allowing big businesses to get away with things..he and his cronies there at the White House..are nothing but greedy Bas***ds..and im sick of them..we need a leader who will do for the american people..not take..those idiots in congress dont know what it is like to live paycheck to struggle with bills..and wonder if there is enuf to pay the bills and get necessities..Twit trump and his mindless followers need to be ousted from the White House..get someone with compassion..


    1. Yes. Sleepy Joe Biden is the answer!! Cause he helped his son, brother, sister, and wife all become rich!! Remember, during his 40 + years in office he’s helped so many people living paycheck to paycheck.


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